Wellness Seminar Series: Recorded Presentations


man watching money fly away

Explore Your Relationship with Money

Money is not typically considered an emotional issue, yet it is often a source of stress in both people’s personal lives and relationships. This training will explore whether your relationship with money is similar to other relationships in your life. Tools to help think about money differently will be presented. This seminar is not designed to be a budgeting workshop or to provide financial advice of any kind.

PowerPoint Presentation presented at the UO on February 15, 2018

Previously Recorded Presentation from Cascade Centers, Inc.


woman sitting on bench watching snow flakes fall

Beating the Winter Blues

This seminar defines “winter blues,” “seasonal affective disorder,” and how to tell the difference. Participants will learn how the winter season affects them and strategies for coping with winter blues.

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Recorded Presentation

The words Reduce Stress

Holiday Stress

Holidays can often become a more stressful than pleasant time. Learn about your stressors and discover how to lower your stress level for a better holiday.

PowerPoint Presentation

Recorded Presentation Part 1

Recorded Presentation Part 2

woman holding a sign that says change

Working in a Changing Environment

In an organizational culture of constant change, adapting can be challenging. Some areas addressed during this presentation are the elements of change, different loss experienced related to change, the transitional stages, and ways of coping with stress and change.

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elderly woman sitting on a park bench with a dog

Elder Care Options

Learn what elder care options are available, how to evaluate which option is best for your parent,
and what questions to ask the providers.

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cup of tea with purple flowers alongside

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and
the Importance of Restful Sleep

This seminar provides a review of stress, what it is and how it affects us. Information on mindfulness tools that can help change relationships with thoughts, feelings and sensations related to stress. Participants will also learn tools to use in the future. 
The importance of restful sleep and quick tips for sleeping are provided.

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Recorded Presentation

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