Years of Service Honorees (2018)

Congratulations to the following officers of administration and classified employees who have reached major work anniversary milestones! 

These employees have reached an increment of five years of service* (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.) as of December 31, 2018.
*years of service is determined by employment dates in the university's Banner HRIS system. 

Division of Equity & Inclusion

Tracy Bars, Equity & Inclusion Program Associate (20 years)
Jennifer Burton, Operations Manager (15 years)
Rosa Chavez-Jacuinde, Associate Director (10 years)

Finance & Administration

Daphne Joubran, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Evey Lennon, Administrative Manager (5 years)
Jamie Moffitt, Vice President for Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer (15 years)

Budget & Resource Planning

Donna Chittenden, Program Manager (30 years)
Stuart Laing, Director of Budget Operations (10 years)

Business Affairs Office

Sherrie Canfield, Administrative Program Specialist (10 years)
Shelby Cooper, Director, Payroll Services (20 years)
Phil Davis, FIS Control Accountant (5 years)
Lana Doddington, Accounts Receivable Specialist (5 years)
Brett Giles, Assistant Director, Finance Services & Accounting Manager (30 years)

Cindy Huie, Academic Pay/Retirement Specialist (5 years)
Lynelle Jester, Loans & Collections Manager (10 years)
Molly Lockhart, Property Control Coordinator (10 years)
Thomas Morter, Office Specialist 2 (20 years)
Ana Vaquer-Flynn, Fiscal Analyst (5 years)

Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Mike Allen, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (15 years)
Rob Basto, Assistant Director of Business Operations (15 years)
Kevin Bloom, ECS Technician (15 years)
Brian Campbell, Custodian (5 years)
Walter Chambers, Custodial Services Coordinator (5 years)
Jim Cody, Associate Director of Facilities Services (5 years)
Joel Cotton, Custodian (5 years)
Gary Dunlap, Custodial Services Coordinator (20 years)
Emily Eng, Senior Planner (10 years)
Kirk Gilbert, Electrical/Control System Technician (15 years)
Patrick Haider, Custodian (10 years)
Chris Hallam, Custodial Services Coordinator (5 years)
Steven Harris, General Maintenance Mechanic (5 years)
Pablo Hernandez Reyes, Custodian (5 years)
G Jiang-Schrantz, Custodian (5 years)
Anita Karan, Custodian (5 years)

Misty Kasper, Maintenance Program Specialist (20 years)
Paul Langley, Operations Superintendent (15 years)
Martina Oxoby, Owner's Representative (10 years)
Jaime Perpinan, Asset Reliability Management Specialist (5 years)
Eddie Reynolds, Custodian (10 years)
Mikel Rhodes, Accountant 2 (15 years)
Cesar Rojas De La Torre, Custodian (5 years)
Tom Shepard, Senior Associate Director of Capital Projects (10 years)
Mark Stegner, Equipment Operator 2 (10 years)
Marie Swarringim, Management Analyst (10 years)
Rick Tabor, Electrical Superintendent (10 years)
Ruby Thompson, Custodian (5 years)
Ron Warren, Plumber (5 years)
Jerry Willett, Custodian (20 years)
Robert Wilson, Custodian (10 years)
Tim Winder, Interim Manager, Custodial Services (5 years)

Human Resources

Ashley Malan, Learning & Development Analyst (5 years)
Jenna Rakes, Senior Recruiter (10 years)

Institutional Research

Andrea Larson, Associate Director (20 years)

Parking & Transportation

Mark Bradley, Campus Parking Representative (5 years)
James McGladrey, Field Operations Manager (5 years)
Billy Pruitt, University Access Shuttle Driver (5 years)
Mario Tucci, Campus Parking Representative (5 years)

Police Department

Steven Barrett, Police Officer 1 (5 years)
Kathy Flynn, Detective Sergeant (5 years)
Andrew Johnson, Police Officer (10 years)
Adam Lillengreen, Police Officer 1 (10 years)
Chris Waggoner, Police Officer (10 years)

Printing & Mailing Services

Robert Adsuara, Laborer II (20 years)
April Nero, Production Manager (5 years)
Jay Snell, Transporter (10 years)

Safety & Risk Services

Simon Ditton, Fire Protection Manager (5 years)
Mike Eldredge, EHS Professional 3 (10 years)
Laurie Graham, EHS Laboratory Safety Officer (25 years)

Ken Kato, Director Campus GIS & Mapping (20 years)
Trish Lijana, Workers' Comp Program Manager (10 years)
Becca Puleo, Emergency Plans Coordinator (5 years)

Shared Services

David Jordan, Operating System/Network Analyst (5 years)
Jon Marchetta, Director of Finance & Administration Shared Services (5 years)
Stacey Marple, HR Generalist (5 years)
Susan Osterman, Buyer (30 years)

Vivian Olum Child Development Center

Rosella Smith, Early Childhood Assistant Teacher (10 years)
Ellie Thomas, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (10 years)

General Counsel

Purchasing & Contracting Services

Mark Lessel, Contracts Technician 1 (5 years)
Wil Young, Contracts Manager (5 years)

Information Services

Dan Albrich, Communications Software Specialist (25 years)
RJ David, Network and Telecom Technician (5 years)
Don Gathers, Network Engineer (25 years)
Juan Gonzalez, Data Center Systems Specialist (25 years)
Ryan Goodrich, Service Transition Manager (5 years)
Rick Hicks, Network Engineer (NERO) (5 years)
James Joule, Analyst Programmer (20 years)

Sandra Lee, Technology Access and Support Specialist (15 years)
Joseph Mitchell, Systems Integrator (25 years)
Kristin Smith, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Craig Sorensen, Systems Infostructure Specialist (5 years)
Sara Stubbs, Director of Customer Service and Support (10 years)
Tyfanie Wineriter, Data Management Team Lead (10 years)
Derek Wormdahl, Director Middleware & Application Development (15 years)

Intercollegiate Athletics 

Janice Beck, Office Specialist 2 (10 years)
Andrew Bergman, Custodian-Operations (10 years)
Leanne Brooks, Assistant Athletics Director, Academic Eligibility (20 years)
David Dahle, Maintenance (30 years)
Steve DiNatale, Grounds Keeper (20 years)
Mike Duncan, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Operations & Events (10 years)
Kenny Farr, Football Equipment Administrator (10 years)
Katie Harbert, Assistant Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development (10 years)
Nia Jackson, Director of Creativity Women's Basketball (10 years)
Clay Jamieson, Athletic Trainer (20 years)
Scott LaBounty, Assistant Athletic Director, Video Services (5 years)
Christopher Malme, Associate Director of Development (5 years)
Tami Meckle, Custodial Service Coordinator (5 years)
Robert Moseley, Editor in Chief (5 years)
Octavio Ortiz, Custodian (5 years)

Krista Osburn, Custodian (5 years)
Tracy Oshiro, Athletic Trainer (10 years)
Ron Perkins, Hayward Facility Manager (35 years)
Michael Racey, Custodian (5 years)
Kevin Steil, Associate Director of Athletics Medicine, Football (25 years)
Tim Stewart, Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Vicki Strand, Director of Athletic Events Services (20 years)
Jo Strehle, OS1 DAF Data Processor (10 years)
Jody Sykes, Senior Associate Athletic Director (5 years)
Curtis Taylor, Associate Head Coach, Men's & Women's Track and Field (5 years)
Kim Terrell, Associate Director Athletic Medicine (15 years)
Wade Turner, Cook 1 (5 years)
Joe Waltasti, Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (5 years)
Grant Wilson, Athletic Trainer (5 years)

Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Knight Campus Internship Program

Lynde Lachman-Ritzow, Associate Director, Graduate Internship Program (20 years)

Office of the President

Kristyn Elton, Senior Executive Assistant (5 years)

Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance 

Gina Van Dusen, Executive Assistant (10 years)
Vivian Wright, Executive Assistant and Office Manager (10 years)

Office of the Provost

Sierra Dawson, Associate Vice President Academic Affairs (15 years)
Ellen Herman, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (20 years)
Karen Jefferis, Director of Financial Services (10 years)
Sonja Runberg, Associate Director of Operations (15 years)
Robert Voelker-Morris, IT Faculty Consultant (15 years)

International Affairs

Chad Bush, Administrative Program Specialist (15 years)
Michelle Cruz, GEO Program Coordinator (5 years)
Maryne Dana, Program Manager (5 years)
Mariska Dover, Administrative Program Specialist (10 years)

Cindy Nelson, Business Manager (10 years)
Kylie Yihua Post, Program Coordinator (5 years)
Michael Price, Health Safety & Risk Manager (5 years)
Andrew Shiotani, Associate Director of ISSS (5 years)

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Joey Capadona, Chief Preparator (5 years)
Anthony Cranford, Interim Museum Security Administrator (5 years)
Kim Diaz, Security Officer/MOA (5 years)

Jill Hartz, Executive Director (10 years)
Richard Herskowitz, Curator of Media Arts (10 years)
Jamie Leaf, Special Events & Guest Services Manager (10 years)

Labor Education & Research Center

Deborah Mailander, Department Manager (15 years)

Museum of Natural & Cultural History

Robyn Anderson, Education Coordinator (5 years)
Lauren Willis, Program & Exhibit Developer (5 years)

Support Services for Student Athletes

Sara Jackson, Learning Specialist (10 years)
Jennifer Jackson, Academic Adviser (10 years)
Brian Lee, Information Technology Consultant 3 (5 years)

Wendy Pierpont, Learning Specialist (10 years)
Stephen Stolp, Executive Director and Building Administrator (30 years)
Chris Young, Adviser/Counselor (10 years)

Research & Innovation

Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon

Kurt Langworthy, Director - CAMCOR (15 years)

Finance & Business Administration

Tony Cipolle, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

Genomics and Cell Characterization Core Facility

Douglas Turnbull, Director Genomics Core Facility (10 years)

Innovation Partnership Services

Christine Gramer, Senior Technology Development Associate (15 years)

Institute of Molecular Biology

Teri Mellor, Grants/Contracts Coordinator (10 years)
Rose Sockol, Lab Assistant (15 years)

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

James Johnson, Facilities Manager (5 years)
Michael Johnson, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Tammy Trost, Operations Manager (5 years)

RCS Operations

Caitlin Alcorn, Senior Research Compliance Administrator (10 years)
Kalindi Allen, Research Compliance Administrator (10 years)
Brandi Fleck, Research Compliance Administrator (15 years)
Christina Spicer, Research Compliance Administrator (5 years)
Lizzy Utterback, Research Compliance Administrator (5 years)

Sponsored Projects Services

Glen Bennett, Associate Director for Pre-Award (15 years)
Jon Loftus, Manager Post Award (5 years)
Melodie Ranisavljevic, Sponsored Projects Administrator (5 years)

Terrestrial Animal Care Services

Monte Matthews, Director/Vet Services (30 years)

Vice President's Office

Khaila Carlstrom, Executive Assistant and Operations Manager (5 years)
Leslie Leve, Associate Vice President for Research (5 years)
Andrew Nelson, Associate Vice President, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (10 years)

Schools & Colleges

Clark Honors College

Miriam Alexis Castellon Jordan, Academic & Thesis Programs Manager (15 years)
Elin England, Assistant Director of Admissions (20 years)

College of Arts & Sciences

Beverly Taflinger, Administrative Program Assistant (5 years)

American English Institute

Jessica Carlson, Assistant Director of Finance & HR Operations (10 years)
Krista Farris, Admissions Coordinator (10 years)
Lisa James, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, SEVIS Coordinator (5 years)
Leslie Opp-Beckman, Dir of Innovative Programming (30 years)


Leah Frazier, Department Manager (10 years)


Sara Corrente, Accountant (5 years)
Fei Tsai, Biology IT Coordinator (10 years)

Center for Brain Injury Research

Laura Beck, Project Administrator (5 years)
Melissa McCart, TBI Teams Coordinator (5 years)


Diane Lachenmeier, Administrative Director (25 years)
Leah O'Brien, Undergraduate Recruiting Coordinator (10 years)

Computer & Information Science

Cheri Smith, Graduate Coordinator (20 years)

Dean's Office

Alicia De Gonzalez, Divisional Personnel & Budget Specialist for Social Sciences (5 years)
Carol Stabile, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives (10 years)

East Asian Languages & Literatures

Leah Foy, Graduate Secretary (10 years)


Teri Rowe, Manager of Finance & Administration (10 years)


John Burridge, Information Technology Consultant 2 (5 years)

Environmental Studies

Alison Mildrexler, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

General Social Science

Gretchen Hill-Marino, Academic Adviser/Coordinator (5 years)


James Meacham, Senior Research Associate, Executive Director (30 years)

Human Physiology

Jen Strong, Undergraduate Adviser (20 years)
Angie Towle, Accounting Technician (5 years)

Information Technology

Scott Pierson, OSNA 2 (5 years)
Cameron Seright, Analyst Programmer 2 (5 years)
John Zhao, Analyst Programmer 2 (5 years)


Eden Cronk, Department Manager (5 years)


Sherilyn Schwartz, Department Manager (5 years)


Bryan Rebar, Associate Director for StemCore (5 years)

Political Science

Kristina Mollman, Department Manager (15 years)
Tish Ramey, Graduate Coordinator (10 years)


Elizabeth Backus, Business Manager (5 years)
Vonda Evans, Office Specialist (30 years)
Mischelle Pennoyer, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Cindy Salmon, Office Specialist (15 years)

Romance Languages

Maria Heider, Graduate Program Coordinator (5 years)

Yamada Lang Center

Sabena Stark, Office Coordinator (15 years)
Gary Trendler, Info Technology Consultant 1 (10 years)

College of Design

Amanda Baca, Program Coordinator (5 years)
Brooke Freed, Assistant Dean of Operations & Administration (5 years)
Kyle Harris, Director of Development, UO Design (10 years)
Rocco Luiere, Associate Dean of Finance and Administration (5 years)
Clay Myers, Carpenter (10 years)

School of Architecture & Environment

Holly Coble, Admissions Coordinator (20 years)
Kevin Rowland, Instrument Technician 1-Mech (5 years)

School of Art & Design

Risa Saavedra, Office Specialist 2 (10 years)

School of Planning, Public Policy & Management

Martine Wigham, Program Support Specialist (20 years)

College of Education

Krista Chronister, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Equity (15 years)
Ken Loge, Assistant Director of Information & Instruction Technology (5 years)
Andrea Olson, Associate Director of Stewardship, Award Programs, and Board Relations (15 years)
Deidre Sandvick, Senior Director of Development, College of Education (10 years)

Academic Programs-HEDCO Clinic

Leslie Martinez, Coordinator of Finance & Operations (15 years)

Center on Human Development

Tel Woolsey, Web Accessibility Specialist (5 years)

Center on Teaching & Learning

Sherri Pinkerton, Accounting Technician (25 years)
Leslie Stephenson, Business Manager (20 years)

Early Childhood CARES

Sarah Duke, Early Childhood Assistant (10 years)
Keith Legg, Analyst Programmer 2 (5 years)
Guadalupe Moreno Smith, Office Specialist 2 (10 years)
Steven Nordby, Analyst Programmer 2 (10 years)
Jody Parrish, Early Childhood Assistant (10 years)
Lina Staub, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (5 years)
Avery Wilkins, Analyst Programmer 2 (5 years)
Lisa Wimberley, Web Application Support Coordinator (10 years)

Education & Community Supports

Marty Hurst, Travel Coordinator (10 years)
Ivan Polk, Network and Systems Administrator (10 years)

Family & Human Services

Randall Martin, Academic Adviser (20 years)


Brian Rowe, Partner Relations/Account Executive (5 years)

Graduate School

Jered Nagel, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs (20 years)

Lundquist College of Business

Jenna Babcock, Accounting Technician (15 years)
Sally Bell, Senior Associate Director of Industry Relations (5 years)
Diane Del Guercio, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs (25 years)
Amy Fortuna, Industry Outreach Coordinator (10 years)
Anita Kolendar, Office Manager/Exec Assistant (5 years)
Jennie Leander, Associate Director of Graduate Affairs & Student Services (15 years)
Debi Luce, Accounting Technician (15 years)

Kim Rambo-Reinitz, Associate Director Academic Advising (10 years)
Frank Sharpy, Complex Facility Manager (15 years)
Wendy Sierra, Classroom & Facilities Coordinator (15 years)
Julianna Sowash, Executive Director OEMBA (20 years)
Pauline Thaler, Career Adviser (5 years)
Whitney Wagoner, Director of Warsaw Sports Marketing Center (15 years)
Kelly Zimmerman, Executive Assistant to Associate Dean (10 years)

School of Journalism & Communication

Brad Lowary, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Andrea McFarlane, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Tami Oar, Office Specialist 2 (10 years)
Melody Olmsted, Administrative Program Assistant (5 years)

Logan Quick, Associate Director for Development (5 years)
Ray Sykes, Associate Dean for Administration & Finance (5 years)
Sue Varani, Instructional Services Manager (15 years)

School of Law

Erica Daley, Associate Dean of Finance & Operations (5 years)
Jennifer Espinola, Dean of Students (5 years)
Apple Goeckner, ENR Program Manager (5 years)
Amy Lynn Greer, Student Services Support Specialist (10 years)
Rachel Kahn, External Relations Project Coordinator (15 years)

School of Music & Dance

Anna Frazer, Administrative Coordinator of Athletic Bands (5 years)
Marc Levy, Information Technology Consultant (20 years)
Lance Miller, Senior Sound/Video Recording Engineer (20 years)

Oregon Bach Festival

Michael Anderson, Director of Artistic Administrator (20 years)
Sandy Cummings, Director of Finance (20 years)
Dave Goudy, Director of Education Programs (10 years)

Student Life

Career Center

Charlene Fauria, Employer Engagement Program Director (5 years)

Dean Students

Kerry Frazee, Director of Sexual Violence Prevention & Education (5 years)

Erb Memorial Union

Mati Demers, Custodian (5 years)
Mary Farrington, External Support & Relations Manager (20 years)
Andy Finley, Payables & Deposit Coordinator (10 years)
Andrew Gillespie, Accountant II (10 years)
Rick Haught, Associate Director of Operations (5 years)
Terrence Heldreth, Assistant Program Director, Craft Center Operations (10 years)

John Kostick, Accountant/Payroll Coordinator (25 years)
Jennifer Ludwig, Ticket Office Specialist (10 years)
Rebecca Mellnik, Scheduling Coordinator (5 years)
Tamarra White, Card Office, Guest Services Manager (10 years)
Laurie Woodward, Director (5 years)
Wade Young-Jelinek, Event Services Manager (10 years)

Physical Education & Recreation

Terri Everts, Custodian (15 years)
Jeffrey Fryer, Certified Pool Operator (25 years)
Jessica Graham, Assistant Director Fitness (5 years)
Brent Harrison, Associate Director for Recreation Programs (25 years)
Patty Smith, Executive Assistant (15 years)

Vice President's Office

Becky Girvan, Director Student Government Engagement and Success (5 years)
Julie Scroggins, Assistant Director Experiential Learning (10 years)

Student Services & Enrollment Management

Amy Grainger, Assistant Director, Budget & Finance Administration (10 years)

Academic Extension

Margie Hanna, Design Manager (15 years)
Andy McCornack, Program Manager Conference Services (10 years)
Elizabeth Moore, Resource Manager (20 years)
Caitlin Snyder, Operations Manager (25 years)


Diana Defferding, Senior Assistant Director for Processing (20 years)
Denise Engen, Recruitment Info Processor (10 years)
Kristen Gruber, Incoming Mail (10 years)
Sandi Gussenhoven, Budget Manager, Administration Support (15 years)
Frank Laro, Regional Admissions Counselor (5 years)

Kelli Lewman, Applications Processor (25 years)
Jim Rawlins, Assistant Vice President, Director of Admissions (5 years)
Richelle Smith, Receptionist (20 years)
CC Wright, Admissions Counselor NA Recertification (5 years)

Financial Aid

Mark Diestler, Senior Associate Director (5 years)
Staci Miles, Assistant Director (5 years)
Joshua Puhn, Assistant Director (15 years)

Orientation Programs

Keith Frazee, Assistant Director for Orientation Programs (5 years)


Sam Chen, System & Network Administrator (10 years)
Jenifer Fendelander, Veterans Benefits Coordinator (5 years)
Tina Hammock, Graduation Specialist (20 years)

Loralee Jones, International Articulation Specialist (5 years)
Cecilia Justina, Student Records Specialist (5 years)
Heather Kingsley, Student Records Specialist (10 years)

Strategic Communications

Katy George, Asst Dir Strategic Comm (5 years)

University Counseling Center

Rod Keck, Administration Services Coordinator (5 years)
Jingqing Liu, Senior Staff Psychologist (5 years)

University Health Center

Julie Boffing, Pharmacist (20 years)
Shannon Casley, Office Specialist 1 (5 years)
Michael Dollarhide, Medical Aide (5 years)
Ralph Fillingame, University Physician - Relief (5 years)
Allen Heaman, University Physician (10 years)

Melanie Huntington, Office Specialist 1 (5 years)
Andrea Larson, Therapy Aide (10 years)
Danielle Pandolfi, Medical Aide (5 years)
Trudi Stuber, Nursing Office Coordinator (30 years)
Lori Woody, Referral Coordinator (5 years)

University of Housing

Janet Anderson, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years)
David Banes, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years)
Randy Benedick, Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Eric Bertrand, Assistant Director Retail Services (5 years)
Morgan Blake, Cook 1 (5 years)
Carmen Bradbury, Custodian (15 years)
Tracey Brough, Buyer 3 (15 years)
Adam Budd, Office Specialist 2 (10 years)
Joshua Cady, Catering Event Coordinator (5 years)
Robert Cook, Cook 1 (5 years)
Paul Dudley, Locksmith (15 years)
Lance Elliott, Cook 2 (5 years)
Edna Hackworth, Custodian (10 years)
Thomas Hobson, Laborer 2 (5 years)
Mickey Hoefling, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Atsuko Jackson, Cook 1 (15 years)
Robert James, Food Service Worker 3 (25 years)
Ray Kalanquin, Food Service Worker 3 (10 years)
Jenny Kao, Intermittent FSW 2 (5 years)
TJ Kenneth, Custodian (5 years)
Kristin Koch, Food Service Coordinator (15 years)
Andrew Krieg, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Rhea LaGrone, Food Service Coordinator (10 years)
Curtis Lahti, TMW 2 (15 years)

Frances Mays, Food Service Coordinator (10 years)
Ash Middleton, Food Service Purchasing/Receiving Clerk (5 years)
Maria Milian-Calvillo, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Renne Miller, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Ruben Moreno Eusse, Manager, Food Services Retail Operations (10 years)
Joyce Nelson, Facilities Services Coordinator (15 years)
Deanna Oakes-Lowry, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Maria Pena, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years)
Calvin Penkauskas, Intermittent FSW 2 (5 years)
Luciano Ramirez Guillen, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Darlene Rittenhouse, Custodian (5 years)
Sheila Rothermund, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years)
Carol Schmid, Cashier 1 (5 years)
Xiuhua Shi, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Laura Simonson, Custodian (15 years)
Xiaoping Slagle, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)
Leigh Ann Stephens, Accountant 1 (5 years)
David Sterling, TMW 2 (10 years)
Rhonda Studenroth, Custodian (20 years)
Cassie Wanner, Food Service Worker 3 (5 years)
Deena Wanstall, Food Service Worker 3 (15 years)
Geneva Weber, Food Service Worker 3 (20 years)
Dawn Whipple, Food Service Worker 3 (20 years)
Jessica Winders, Program Coordinator for Academic Initiatives (5 years)

Undergraduate Studies

Academic Advising

Ellen Laing, Executive Assistant (5 years)
Bil Morrill, Assistant Director for Technology (15 years)

Teaching & Learning Center

Matthew Chambers, Writing Learning Specialist (5 years)
MaryAnn DiDomenico, SSS Adviser (5 years)
Grant Schoonover, Director of Student Engage Programs (10 years)

 University Advancement

Sarah Allen, Office Operations Manager (5 years)
Keri Aronson, Senior Director of Development (10 years)
Hans Bernard, Assistant Vice President for State Affairs (5 years)
Michael DeTie, Interim Director, Advancement Information Technology (5 years)
Michael DeTie, User Support Technician (5 years)
Paul Elstone, Senior Associate Vice President, Development (15 years)
Larissa Ennis, Assistant Director of Sponsor and Community Relations (10 years)
Rachel Hall, Associate Director Gift Planning (15 years)
Karen Hyatt, Director of Intergovernmental Relations (10 years)
Paula Jenson, Alumni Records, Data Entry (30 years)
Laura Johnson, Prospect Analyst (10 years)
Mickey Jones, McMorran House Coordinator (5 years)
Kelley Kline, Executive Assistant McMrrn Hse Events Manager (10 years)

Donelle Manton, Program Assistant, Annual Giving (15 years)
Kelly Menachemson, Associate Vice President, Advancement and Executive Director, UOAA (10 years)
Karen Prater, Associate Director of Development Analytics (10 years)
Shannon Rose-Peterson, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement (5 years)
Kristi Schneider, Associate Director of Development,  College of Education (5 years)
Marcella Sharp, Administrative Program Manager (5 years)
Mary Lou Singleton, Alumni Events Assistant (15 years)
Alex Spady, Prospect Analyst (5 years)
Kate Tillinghast, Senior Associate Director, Prospect Management Analytics (10 years)
Danielle Vinson, Associate Director Prospect Development (5 years)
Wendy Westphal, Assistant Director (5 years)
Leslie Wolgamott, Director, Financial Services (15 years)

University Communications

Charissa Black, Publication/Communications Specialist (20 years)
Lisa Cannell, Assistant Director of Brand Management and Trademark Licensing (15 years)
Ed Dorsch, Senior Associate Director (15 years)
Damian Foley, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications (5 years)
Melissa Foley, Assistant Director Digital Communications (5 years)

Jennifer Francois, Assistant Vice President for Content Strategy (5 years)
Heidi Hiaasen-Gerke, Assistant Director of Portland Communications (10 years)
Lesli Larson, Director of Content Strategy (20 years)
Jenny Soghor, Web Specialist (10 years)

UO Libraries

Hana Chan, Law Library Manager (10 years)
Eric Clark, Assistant Head, Access Services (10 years)
Chris Cosler, Digital Media Production Specialist (10 years)
Sean Curtin, Classroom and Video Technology Specialist (10 years)

Ben Farrell, Evening Coordinator (30 years)
Douglas Hodson, Knight Library Building Manager (20 years)
Amy Keene, CMET Design & Engineering Manager (10 years)
Marilyn Mohr, Collections Conservator (20 years)

UO Portland

Tess Phillips, Event Manager (5 years)
John Woelfle, Facility Services Manager (10 years)