Announcement: List of Retirees

The following retirees are being recognized at the 2017 Retirement Reception:

*indicates the retiree plans to attend the reception.

Finance & Administration

John Anthony, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, 28 years*
Valerie Bailey, Purchasing & Contracting Services, 5 years*
Kathy Cooks, Human Resources, 28 years*
Mark Dunaway, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, 30 years
Pam Farmer, Human Resources,  11 years*
Tim Finch, Budget and Resource Planning, 3 years
Hilde Kleinhans, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, 27 years
Deaton Love, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, 7 years
Laurie Mills, Human Resources, 14 years
Del Smith, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, 27 years
Janet Svensson, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, 29 years*
Janet Yood, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, 1 year

Intercollegiate Athletics

Dave Williford, 31 years*

Office of the Provost & Academic Affairs

Barbara Byrd, Labor Education & Research Center, 21 years
Scott Coltrane, Provost, 8 years
Tom Jackson, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, 3 years
Diane Nelson, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, 6 years
Judith Pruitt, Museum of Natural and Cultural History, 19 years*
Cindy Youngman, Department of Military Science, 15 years

Research & Innovation

Julia Heydon, Humanities Center, 39 years
Robert Lawson, Sponsored Project Services, 17 years
Georgia Scott, Materials Science Institute, 33 years

Schools & Colleges

Clark Honors College

John Witte, 37 years

College of Arts & Sciences

Martina Armstrong, Department of History, 26 years
Jane Averill, American English Institute, 19 years*
Paul Bloch, Computer & Information Science, 33 years
Linda Campbell, Department of Linguistics, 18 years*
Dianne Dugaw, Department of English, 25 years
John Hardwick, Department of Chemistry, 31 years*
Eugene Humphreys, Department of Earth Sciences, 31 years
Sydney Kinnaman, American English Institute, 32 years
Gregory McLauchlan, Department of Sociology, 27 years
Helen Neville, Department of Psychology, 20 years
Kathleen O'Fallon, Department of English, 17 years*
Mark Reed, Department of Earth Sciences, 38 years
Carl Stiefbold, Department of Biology, 28 years
Janis Weeks, Department of Biology, 28 years
Alexandra Wellman, Dean's Office, 25 years*

College of Education

Joseph Boland, Education and Community Supports, 26 years
Drew Braun, Education and Community Supports, 17 years
Nancy Brink, Education Studies, 13 years
Greg Cole, Educational Methodology, Policy & Leadership, 3 years
Joyce Eaton, intoCareers, 7 years*
Debra Eisert, Human Development, 31 years*
Cynthia Herr, Special Education, 32 years
Keith Hollenbeck, Educational Methodology, Policy & Leadership, 20 years
Debra Jaffarian, Educational Methodology, Policy & Leadership, 3 years
Susan Lee, Educational Methodology, Policy & Leadership, 3 years
Linda Lynch, Disability, Early Intervention, Secondary Transition & Youth, 27 years
Ellen McHaley, Center on Teaching & Learning, 4 years
Pete Miller, Educational Methodology, Policy & Leadership, 8 years
Kelly Oatman, Early Childhood CARES, 24 years
Vicki Swanson, Early Childhood CARES, 35 years
Miriam Waintrup, Special Education & Transition Program, 31 years

Lundquist College of Business

Ronnie Casanova, 16 years
Carol Jones, 18 years

School of Architecture & Allied Arts

David Bretz, Arts & Administration, 18 years
Charlie Brown, 38 years
Zudegi Giordano, Planning, Public Policy and Management, 31 years*
Ronald Lovinger, 51 years*
Nancy McNaught, Department of Architecture, 28 years*
Beth Roy, Department of Art, 10 years*

School of Journalism & Communication

Colleen McKillip, 40 years

School of Law

Tee Muntz, 14 years
Margaret Paris, 24 years

School of Music & Dance

Don Latarski, Department of Music, 32 years

Student Life

James Trezona, Physical Education & Recreation, 16 years*
Dana Winitzky, Erb Memorial Union, 26 years

Student Services & Enrollment Management

Colleen Baxter, University Health Center, 21 years*
Gordon Burke, University Housing, 15 years*
Janet Cormack, Academic Extension, 21 years
Daralyn DeHaven-Murdoch, University Health Center, 42 years
Susan Eveland, Registrar, 15 years
Tricia Gregg, University Health Center, 21 years
Amy Hill, Academic Extension, 6 years
Lynn Kahle, Academic Extension, 33 years
Bonnie Lee, Admissions, 10 years
Donna Logan, Admissions, 28 years
Brooks Morse, Counseling & Testing Center, 14 years
Melanie Peters, University Health Center, 9 years
Janeen Schreiber, University Health Center, 6 years
Jolene Siemsen, University Health Center, 25 years*
Paula Staight, University Health Center, 16 years
Donna Winitzky, University Housing, 39 years

Undergraduate Studies

Rebecca Lynn, Accesible Education Center, 22 years

University Advancement

Candace Horter, University Advancement, 13 years

University Communications

Paul Bjornstad, 31 years
Lori Howard, 29 years*

UO Libraries

Manual Balesteri, 6 years
Margaret Bean, 9 years
Lucy Lynch, 14 years*
Laine Stambaugh, 28 years
Avis Traver, 25 years