Teamsters Article 22



Section 1      After having served at the Institution for six (6) full calendar months, full-time classified and unclassified employees shall be credited with six (6) days of vacation leave and thereafter vacation leave shall be accumulated as follows:


After six months through 5th year         12 work days for each 12 full calendar months

of service.

After 5th year through 10th year           15 work days for each 12 full calendar months

of service.

After 10th year through 15th year         18 work days for each 12 full calendar months

of service.

After 15th year through 20th year         21 work days for each 12 full calendar months

of service.

After 20th year and thereafter               24 work days for each 12 full calendar months

of service.


Section 2      A full-time employee working less than a full calendar month shall accrue vacation leave on a pro rata basis, provided that the employee works thirty-two (32) hours or more in that month. If an employee has a break in service during his first year of employment and that break does not exceed two (2) years, he/she may be given credit for the time worked prior to the break in service. In order to facilitate the administration of leave records, vacation leave may be accrued on a monthly basis for employees who have completed six (6) full calendar months of service. Vacation leave shall not accrue during the leave of absence without pay, or education leave with pay, the duration of which exceeds fifteen (15) calendar days. Any otherwise eligible State service prior to July 1, 1995, shall count as Institution Service for bargaining unit members on the Institution payroll as of July 1, 1995.


Section 3      Any employee who is laid off or terminated after a full six (6) months of Institution service shall be paid in cash at the time of separation from the Institution for his/her accrued vacation time.


Section 4      Vacation hours may accumulate to a maximum of two hundred and fifty (250) hours. To avoid losing vacation time over two hundred and fifty (250) hours, the employee must request vacation leave before the time is lost. If the time the employee requests cannot be granted, the Institution shall, within thirty (30) calendar days, schedule an alternate time for the employee to take the amount of time which would have been lost or may elect to make a cash payment for not more than one work week.


Section 5      It is agreed that vacation accumulation for part-time employees and seasonal employees shall be increased commensurate with the increases in Section 1 of this Article.


Section 6      Employees' requests for vacation time will be honored. Employees with the greatest length of service will be given first priority. However the Institution reserves the right to rearrange vacation schedules in the interest of critical work requirements within the printing plant.


Section 7      Vacation schedules may be rearranged if mutually agreeable to all employees affected and the Institution.


Section 8      In the event of the termination, for any reason, of an employee or the death of an employee, all accumulated vacation pay shall be paid either to the employee or his/her heirs, whichever the case may be.