Article 39 - SEIU


Section 1.  All employees after completion of six (6) months of service shall be entitled to receive personal leave days in the following manner:

  1. All full time employees shall be entitled to twenty-four (24) hours of personal leave with pay each fiscal year;
  1. Part-time, seasonal, and job share employees shall be granted such leave in a prorated amount of twenty-four (24) hours based on the same percentage or fraction of month they are hired to work, or as subsequently formally modified, provided it is anticipated that they will work 1,040 hours during the fiscal year;

Section 2. Should any employee fail to work 1,040 hours for the fiscal year, the value of personal leave time used may be recovered from the employee.

Section 3.  Personal leave shall not be cumulative from year to year nor is any unused leave compensable in any other manner.

Section 4. Such leave may be used by an employee for any purpose he/she desires and may be taken at times mutually agreeable to the university and the employee.