SEIU Article 43. Section 1


Section 1.  An employee shall be granted leave with pay for jury duty.  The employee may keep any money paid by the court for serving jury duty.  The university reserves the right to petition for removal of the employee from jury duty if, in the university’s judgment, the operating requirements of the university would be hampered.

Section 2.  Whenever possible, subject to university operating requirements, employees selected by proper authority for jury duty will be placed on a day shift, Monday through Friday, during the period they are obligated to jury duty.  The university shall not suffer any penalty payments for the change in the work schedule of the employee on jury duty.

Section 3.  When any employee is not the plaintiff, defendant or intervening party, he/she shall be granted leave with pay for appearance before a court, legislative committee or judicial or quasi-judicial body as a witness in response to a subpoena or other direction by proper authority for matters other than the employee’s officially assigned duties. The employee may keep any money paid in connection with the appearance.

Section 4. An employee shall be granted leave with pay for attendance in court in connection with an employee’s officially assigned duties, including the time required going to court and returning to his/her headquarters. When the employee is granted leave with pay, he/she shall turn into the university any money received for such attendance during duty hours.

Section 5.  In the event a night or swing shift employee is called to appear under Sections 1, 2, 3 or 4 of this Article, he/she shall have release time the day of attendance. Time spent in attendance and in travel to and from his/her headquarters shall be deducted from the regular shift following the attendance with no loss of wages or benefits.

Section 6.  An employee who has served with one of the Universties , the State of Oregon, or the states’ counties, municipalities or other political subdivisions for six (6) months or more immediately preceding an application for military leave, and who is a member of the National Guard or of any reserve components of the armed forces of the United States is entitled

to a leave of absence with pay for a period not exceeding fifteen (15) calendar days or eleven

(11) work days in any training year.  If the training time for which the employee is called to active duty is no longer than fifteen (15) calendar days, the employee may be paid for the first fifteen (15) days only if such time is served for the purpose of discharging an obligation of annual active duty for training in the military reserve or National Guard.