UA Article 32. Sections 22 & 23

Holidays and Paid Leave During Breaks

Section 22. Bargaining unit faculty members earn the following paid holidays and cannot be required to work on these holidays, except as necessary to maintain or operate critical facilities or operations.  If a bargaining unit faculty member is required to work on a holiday for that reason, he or she may take an equivalent amount of time off with pay at a later date, as approved by the bargaining unit faculty member’s supervisor:

·    New Year’s Day

·    Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday

·    Memorial Day

·    Independence Day

·    Labor Day

·    Thanksgiving

·    Day after Thanksgiving

·    Christmas Day

Section 23. Bargaining unit officers of instruction who do not earn vacation will be considered to be on paid leave during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and during the week of Spring Break. If, for any reason, an Officer of Instruction is required to work on campus during one of these paid leaves, that work will be compensated as overload.