UA Article 32: Section 14-21

Temporary Change to Vacation Accrual:

12-month faculty members may temporarily accrue vacation leave beyond the current maximum until September 30, 2022.

The maximum vacation leave balance will be increased from 260 hours to 340 hours, which will allow faculty on 12-month appointments to accrue up to an additional 80 hours of vacation. The new balance maximum will be available until September 30, 2022 giving those accruing the additional vacation time to utilize the paid leave. All other provisions of vacation leave policies and procedures remain the same.

Article 32. Leaves

Vacation Leave

Section 14. Vacation means absence from work permitting rest and recreation for a specified period of time during which regular compensation continues. Bargaining unit faculty members gain vacation privileges when employed at .50 FTE or more on a 12- month appointment.

Section 15. Eligible bargaining unit faculty members accrue vacation on a monthly basis, beginning the first of the month following date of hire or on the first of the month if an employee is hired the first working day of the month. Vacation accrues on the last day of the month and is available for use the first day of the next month, subject to the restrictions in Section 14 of this Article. Faculty members who have a 9-month appointment and are subsequently appointed to a 12-month contract shall receive credit for the previous 9-month appointment on a pro-rata basis.

Eligible bargaining unit faculty members with a 12-month, 1.0 FTE appointment accrue 15 hours of vacation per month; eligible bargaining unit faculty members on a .50 FTE or more 12-month contract accrue vacation in proportion to their FTE.

Section 16. No employee may accrue in excess of 260 hours, and any accrued vacation leave in excess of this cap will be forfeited.

Section 17. If an eligible bargaining unit faculty member transfers to the University of Oregon from another unclassified position at an Oregon public university and remains eligible for vacation accrual, he or she shall transfer all accrued vacation leave to the new position at the university, unless the break in service exceeds 30 days.

Section 18. The accrual of vacation leave is reduced on a pro-rata basis for a period of leave without pay, sabbatical leave and educational leave. Vacation leave is accrued during other periods of paid leave.

Section 19. Bargaining unit faculty members are not entitled to payment for unused vacation leave except upon termination of employment or upon transfer within the university to another position if the faculty member is not eligible for vacation benefits in the new position. The maximum number of hours that can be paid upon termination or transfer is 180 hours.

Section 20. Vacation leaves are scheduled with the approval of the bargaining unit faculty member's supervisor and should be planned cooperatively. Supervisors must be reasonable in allowing the use of vacation leave and may not unreasonably deny vacation requests where the result would be forfeiture of accrued vacation. For purposes of calculation, one normal work day is the equivalent of eight hours of vacation leave for a full-time employee.

Section 21. Bargaining unit faculty members must accurately record all vacation hours used. The transfer of vacation time for use by any another employee of the university is not permitted.