Summer Term Teaching Assignment Guidelines

Notification Deadline for Summer Term Teaching Assignments

  • An offer of a Summer Session teaching assignment will be made at least five weeks prior to the beginning of the assignment, whenever feasible.

More information regarding summer assignments and payroll practices is available on the Academic Affairs website.  

Summer Term Schedule

Most summer term courses are offered in four or eight week sessions. For purposes of teaching assignments, summer term is divided into sessions, see the table below: 

Start and end dates for most summer teaching assignments follow the session dates for 4, 8 and 11 week courses. The table below illustrates those principles for Summer Term.

SUMMER TERM ASSIGNMENT DATES (four and eight week sessions)

Contract Session Duration of Class Assignment Start Date Assignment End Date Notification Deadline HR/Payroll Deadline


8 weeks



10-May 15-May


4 weeks



10-May 15-May


4 weeks



10-June 15-June


4 weeks



10-July 15-July

Important Notes:

  • Summer teaching assignments for courses other than four or eight week long courses will be for the dates that the course is held (note: on the payroll documents use a minimum of 1 week for courses that are one day to account for prep and grading).
  • Week-end classes need to include a day on either side of the weekend. Assignment dates for those classes will reflect the period during which effort is expended, not to exceed 100% for the period of one month (pay dates on the PRF should include prep and grading).

Summer Overload

  • The maximum teaching effort during any given session during summer term is 100%.
  • On occasion, faculty may be asked to teach more than one four credit hour course in a one month period.  In that case, overload compensation must be approved in advance from the Provost or designee.
    • This approval will be facilitated by including information in the remarks of the summer Payroll Request Form (PRF) and attaching a PAW showing the total pay (See the PRF instructions).  Any summer assignments with overload will require Provost approval on the PRF.
  • Current 12 month employees should be released from duties in their 12 month position during the period of their teaching assignment. The FTE in the research appointment will be reduced accordingly using a PRF.  Per the guidelines issued by Academic Affairs, research faculty shall not exceed 1.0 during summer appointments.

Teaching Assignment Memo

A communication (memo, email) must be sent to each faculty member from the department head with the teaching assignments for summer term. Please use the template language found here:

  • Summer term FTE, in most cases, should be based on what that course FTE would be during an academic year term. The faculty member would then be paid during the timeframe of the session they are teaching the class(es).  
  • Please see the Summer PRF instructions for details on setting up payroll.

Summer Term Recruitment & Assignment Documentation

Use the table below to determine the required documentation for new or current instructors.

Type of Faculty Member

Required Recruitment and Contract Documentation

New Instructors–

  • Does not have an instructional assignment in the hiring department within the last academic year, or
  • Does not have an instructional appointment in the hiring department for the coming Fall term.

Current Instructors–

  • Current AY in the Academic Unit, or
  • Last Summer in the Academic Unit, or
  • Next Fall AY Instructors in the Academic Unit
  • PRF
  • Assignment memo/email
  • PAW

Summer Term Course Cancellations

If the instructor does not have any other teaching assignments for the summer term:

  1. Department head notifies the employee in writing that the class and assignment are cancelled prior to the start date of the class.
  2. Department immediately notifies Payroll and Human Resources that the faculty’s summer instruction pay should be cancelled to prevent overpayment.

If the employee has other teaching assignments for the summer term:

  1. The department head notifies the employee in writing that the class is cancelled.
  2. Department completes a PRF, and sends it to HR and payroll to prevent overpayment.  

In the event that the employee is not notified prior to the start of the assignment, the department is obligated to pay the individual up through the day that they are notified.