Summer Teaching Payroll Request Form (PRF) Instructions

Summer term teaching assignments are executed by a Payroll Request Form (PRF) with the assignment letter and PAW attached. Below are the step by step instructions for a typical summer term instructional PRF.

Appointment PRF

Complete the PRF for a summer assignment using the following guidelines:

Job Change Reason: New Position for the faculty member = Job Record Begins [SUMB]
Renewal = Reappointment [SUMR] (if same department with the same suffix)
Position #: BUOWTS
Or if retiree use RETWTS
Suffix: Match the suffix from the previous summer appointment in the same department or 00 for a new appointment.
Eclass Code:

FS = Summer Salaried

FT= Summer Hourly*

FQ = Retiree Summer Salaried

*If the summer teaching faculty member also serves in another position at the UO while performing this summer assignment, and that position is hourly Non-Exempt, the summer faculty position MUST be paid hourly.

Date Range:  Use the dates of the summer session(s) being taught by the employee.
If teaching more than one session you can combine them on one PRF using the PAW to demonstrate the timing of pay.  See Summer Term Schedule.
Examples: 6/16/-7/15, 7/16-8/15, etc.
Title: If instructional faculty, use the title the employee carries during the academic year, otherwise use Pro Tem Instructor.
Examples: Research Associate teaching in the summer use Pro Tem Instructor, Senior Instructor I teaching in the summer use Senior Instructor I, etc.
Type: Secondary-for current employees, career NTTF and TTF, or other regular (OA, classified) employees teaching a summer course.
Primary-for Pro Tem
Annual Basis: 9
Base Rate:  Enter the summer base rate (matches PAW)
Assignment Pay: The total pay for the session - this is the same amount used to calculate the FTE on the PAW and on the summer assignment letter. 
Appt %: Enter appointment percent for session. Or, if teaching more than one session or if the FTE is variable or over 1.0, use the PAW to demonstrate the timing of pay. Type "SEE PAW" in this appointment % field and create separate pay records for each summer term session on the PAW itself rather than separate PRFs. Examples:  6/16/20XX-7/15/20XX, 7/16/20XX-8/15/20XX, etc.
Labor Distribution: Fill in the appropriate index(es) to pay the employee from for the course listed above.
LD Account: 10203 = Summer Unclassified Pay - Instruction
LD Percent: Must be entered and add up to 100%


Summer teaching PRFs must include the following in the Remarks section:

  • Overload if any.  See the Overload Instructions below.

Print PRF

Once all fields are entered, print the PRF and review document for accuracy. Attach summer instruction assignment memo/email and the PAW, and submit to Dean’s office for approval. (See Summer Teaching Assignment Guidelines).


Overload payments are the exception in summer term, but it is understood that they can occur.  Any overload must be communicated on the summer PRF in the Remarks, and attach a PAW to the PRF showing calculation. 

In the Remarks or an attachment, also include a justification for the reason for the overload.  If the overload is due to banner math, simply type "Overload due to banner math: SEE PAW."  If overload is due to overlapping courses and, therefore, a higher FTE see example:

Example:  Overload: FTE 0.50  6/16/XX-7/15/XX Index BPMOX 100% Overload Includes – Teaching a 4 credit course in the first 4 week summer session in addition to a 4 credit course in an 8 week session.

Example:  Overload: FTE 0.0243 6/16/XX-7/15/XX Index BPMOX 100% See PAW