Batch Renewals Process

Here are instructions for using Banner form PWAAPBU to renew appointments in batches:

1) In PWAAPBU, from the Options Menu, click on "Choose a Group of Appointments". This will allow you to select appointments based on your "Timesheet Orgn", "End Date", or "Begin Date". Once you have retrieved these appointments into the form, you can then add to, or delete from this list by using the normal Banner navigation tools.

2) If an appointment does not have a current job associated with it, then the field titled New Appt will contain the phrase "No Job". No new appointments (renewals) will be created for appointments which do not already have a job associated with them.

3) Make sure your list is complete and accurate paying special attention to appointments which do not have a job associated with them.

4) From the Options Menu, chose "Renew Appointments". This option will prompt you for a new begin date (required), and end date (optional), and then use those dates to create a renewal for each appointment in your list. When it is done, the New Appt field will be populated with the new appointment number for that job.

5) A spreadsheet report, which lists all the new appointments (renewals) you have created, will be printed to your screen. Please save this list for future reference, either by printing it out, saving it to your computer, or both. If for some reason you bypass this step, you can chose "Reprint Renewal Listing" from the Options Menu, however this will only work while your original list is on the screen.

6) Exit the form and edit any of the new appointments as you see fit using PWAAPPT.

7) Go back to PWAAPBU, and from the Options Menu, click on "Choose a Group of Appointments" using your timesheet orgn, and the new begin and end dates you used to renew your appointments. This should pull up all the renewals you created, (as long as you didn't change any of their timesheet orgns or dates.)

8) From the Options Menu, chose "Print RTOs". This will print an RTO for each of your renewals.

9) Review the printed RTOs, and when you are satisfied with them, choose "Update Appointments" from the option menu. Choose a Log Status of "Dept. Close", which will notify the system that you are done editing these appointments, and are ready to have them move on to the next level.