Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit Status

Standard Practice

Upon retirement, faculty members who have held the rank of Professor for five or more years are automatically eligible for emeritus status under Policy number 02.02.10, Faculty: Rights and Privileges of Emeritus Faculty. To effect that status the department should prepare an Unpaid Appointment Form (see UAF below) using position BUOXEM and leave the job "End Date" blank.


In some instances, at retirement, an individual who does not automatically qualify for emeritus status may be nominated for such status by the department head or dean. Nominations are normally made not more than six weeks before the faculty member’s retirement date.  Please review Policy number 02.02.10, Faculty: Rights and Privileges of Emeritus Faculty for further information about awarding emeritus/emerita status to faculty.

In order to nominate an individual, the department submits a request through the Emeritus Form request, attaching a letter of support from the department head accompanied by the faculty member’s curriculum vita. This is sent to the Dean who reviews the request and if approved they upload their letter of support to the request. These support letters are reviewed and submitted for approval by the Office of the Provost.

If approved, OtP issues a letter awarding the status to the faculty member through Human Resources. The workflow set up by HR facilitates data entry by the Payroll office and updates the Emeritus mailing list.