Considerations for Separations

Threatening Situations

Who to call:

  • CALL 911 if you have a life safety emergency.
  • CALL X6-2919 if you would like to schedule a UO police officer to be on stand-by at a separation meeting.
  • CALL X6-2966 if you would like to discuss an unexpected employee separation with Employee & Labor Relations in Human Resources.
  • Call X6-2919 if you have a concern about any member of the university community.  The Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment Team (BETA) will discuss your concerns and evaluate the situation.

Separation Notification

Department   Phone     Email
Payroll Office 6-3151 Payroll Contacts -contact Payroll Operations Mgr
Human Resources 6-3159
UO Police Department 6-2919 NA
Information Services 6-HELP
Purchasing & Contracting Office 6-2419 


Pay Issues

Please be aware under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS 652.140), we as an employer, have an obligation to pay within the following time lines:

Circumstance of Separation

Pay Due*

Employee terminates with 48 hours prior notice

Immediately upon termination

Employee terminates without notice

Within five working days of termination

Employee is discharged

Immediately upon termination

*You may have to request a manual check (link is external) in order to meet these due dates!