RTO Guide: Tenure Tab

The “Tenure” tab records information related to tenure review dates and tenure status. It will be activated and accessible for contract type B tenure-related appointments only.

  • Tenure Credit for Prior Service: In some cases a new faculty member is given credit for prior professional experience to be applied toward the period of probationary service required for consideration for indefinite tenure. Indicate the number of years of credit agreed to by the dean or director and the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the time of the initial appointment.
  • Tenure consideration anticipated in academic year: This is the academic year when the department, school, or college anticipates submitting the promotion and tenure case for the faculty member. For a faculty member appointed with no credit for prior service, this should be no later than the sixth year following and including the year of the initial appointment. If credit is given, take the number of credit years and add a number of years to equal 6 (e.g. 2 years credit plus 4 years = 6 years). In PWAAPPT, enter the academic year using only four digits (i.e. for academic year 2007/2008, enter "0708").

    For Example: If the person you are hiring is given 2 years of credit and is starting their tenure-related contract on September 16, 2004, this is what the tenure status section would look like:

    Tenure credit for prior service: two years
    Tenure consideration anticipated in academic year: 2007/2008
    Tenure decision required by: June 15, 2010
  • Tenure Decision Required by Date: This date will most always be June 15th of the 6th year after the first contract. The few circumstances that this date would be different upon renewal would be if the date has been adjusted because of leave without pay or extension of the probationary period for medical or childbirth reasons.