Postdoctoral Scholar Annual NIH Salary Increase

Annually and for all new hires Human Resources will analyze and adjust the salary floors for 12-month postdoctoral scholars pursuant to the NIH schedule.  

Per the United Academics CBA, the minimum salary floor for Postdoctoral Scholars on 12-month appointments will be no less than the amounts set according to the NIH Postdoctoral minimum salary schedule and the floor will be adjusted each year pursuant to that NIH schedule annually effective July 1.

Every year after the employee's anniversary*, the employee will be moved to the next NIH level that matches their years of employment at the UO. Employees hired at a rate of pay outside of the NIH level or at a different level other than "0 Years" will not move to the next minimum until the years of experience at the UO is met. 

*Please note that all the time in a postdoctoral appointment is counted towards years of experience (this includes unpaid Postdoctoral Fellow appointments.)  The anniversary date is the 1st of the month coinciding with or following the start of postdoc employment.

NIH Salary Levels

Years at the UO Step NIH Minimum FY1920
0 1 50,004
1 2 50,376
2 3 50,760
3 4 52,896
4 5 54,756
Years at the UO Step NIH Minimum FY2021
0 1 52,704
1 2 53,076
2 3 53,460
3 4 55,596
4 5 57,456

For more information regarding Postdoctoral Appointments, please see the Office of the Provost Website.