#ForwardTogether - Supervisor Support

The world has changed dramatically as COVID-19 has emerged and spread across the globe. The University of Oregon has responded by doing whatever has been needed to adapt and meet our needs and those of our communities while trying to keep employees and students safe. As a manager, you’ve been in the middle of it all. UO relies on you to make rapidly changing strategy a reality, to implement new work practices, to motivate employees to do their best in what can be a scary and confusing environment. Your employees look to you as the representative of your organization. They come to you with their unique needs, concerns, and challenges, many of which, these days, you may never have encountered before nor know how to address.

Human Resources has assembled resources to support you as we move #ForwardTogether. Recognizing that time is a scarce commodity, we suggest that you start with the priority resources and then explore the additional learning opportunities and reference materials as you can.

Start with these priority resources.

HR suggests starting with the following resources. Then, explore the additional learning opportunities and reference materials as you can.

Redesigning How We Work

As we move forward together, supervisors have the opportunity to make changes and reimagine how your team works day in and day out. This LinkedIn course offers guidelines for making strategic and human-centered choices to redesign how people work together and applying leadership practices to cultivate resiliency and help employees feel safe and supported.

What it Takes to Run a Great Hybrid Meeting

Although UO will operate mostly in-person this academic year, hybrid meetings will continue to play a key role in how UO functions. A Covid-driven year of meeting virtually raised expectations for remote participation, and these meetings bring added complexity to the workplace. Drawing from their combined half-century of experience designing and facilitating meetings for executive teams and boards, the authors of this article share eight best practices to help make your hybrid meetings more effective.

Navigating New Professional and Social Norms in the Workplace

As we reconnect on campus with in-person work and activities, new challenges await. This LinkedIn course guides you through determining what will work best for your team. It addresses balancing productivity pressures with employee expectations, then explains how belonging can lead to comfort, connection, contribution, and co-creation. The presenter also goes over how to restructure work in ways that help employees feel their best and perform their best.

Ask for help.

As you encounter challenging situations as a supervisor, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your manager may be able to offer guidance, or you might talk with an HR representative by contacting Employee and Labor Relations at uoelr@uoregon.edu.

Management Consultation

The university's employee assistance provider, Canopy is also available to help you and your employees deal with both practical and emotional issues. For you, as a manager, the program offers access to a Management Consultation specialist, who can help you come up with practical strategies when you are faced with difficult or sensitive situations, such as how to:

  • Respond to intense emotions on your team.
  • Recognize signs of trauma and depression.

A management consultation can also provide guidance on dealing with specific employee issues and coaching to help you develop management skills. Connect with a consultant by calling 800-433-2320 or emailing info@cascadecenters.com.

Explore additional learning opportunities and reference materials.

The following resources will help expand your knowledge and understanding of effective management particularly during challenging times. 

Guide to Leading Teams in a COVID-19 World

This guide offers ideas and best practices for leading in this time of uncertainty, based on what’s known about effective management, what’s been learned from other disruptive or traumatic events, and the information that’s emerging about the range of emotional reactions and practical needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The content is adapted from the Leading Teams in a COVID-19 World booklet produced by Canopy, the university's employee assistance program provider.

View Leading Teams Guide

Employee Support Resources

As you engage and motivate your team, you will encounter a range of individual reactions and emotions as each employee navigates their own journey.

Familiarize yourself with employee resources so you are prepared to respond with compassion and understanding and direct an employee to these resources to meet their individual needs.

View Employee Resources

Additional Resources

Canopy, COVID-19 Resource Center (tip sheets and resources)

Leading During Times of Change (LinkedIn Learning, requires login)

Reimagining Higher Education for the Age of Flexible Work (article)

Supporting Employees During Workplace Reintegration (webinar)