SEIU Stewards List

The following is the latest list of SEIU stewards and field representatives who serve the University of Oregon campus. If employees want to contact a shop steward or need information regarding SEIU and procedures, please call the Steward Intake at 346-0321. Calls will be returned within 24 hours.

Chuck Theobald
Candice Woyak
John Taylor
Lois Yoshishige
Gary Malone
Lisa Wimberley
Michael Barr
Joe Black
Kirk Wilcox
Louie Vidmar
Nikki Rudiger
Zach Benedict
Tonya White
Chris McLaughlin
Morgan Blake
Lisa Roberts
Michael Omogrosso
Lauradel Collins
Theodora Ko Thompson
Johnny Earl

Research Technology Services
Campus Operations
Knight Library
Business Affairs Office
Campus Operations
Early Childhood Cares
Erb Memorial Union
University Housing
Campus Operations
Journalism and Communication
LERC Portland
Division of Student Life
Honors College
Campus Operations
University Housing
Campus Operations
University Housing
Computer & Information Science
Campus Operations

Phone Number
(541) 346-8658
(541) 912-5249
(541) 346-1865
(541) 346-1251
(541) 346-2215
(541) 346-2578
(541) 346-2451
(541) 346-5594
(541) 346-2188
(541) 346-0338
(503) 412-3721

(541) 346-2211
(541) 346-2188

(541) 346-2188
(541) 525-5631
(541) 346-1389
(541) 346-1301
(541) 346-2294


Theodora Ko-Thompson, President –
Johnny Earl, Vice-President -
Zach Benedict, Secretary -
Melanie Jackson, Treasurer -
John Taylor, Chief Steward -
Lois Yoshishige, Chief Contact -
Gary Malone,  Membership Organizer -
Lauradel Collins, Chief General Council Delegate -
Johnny Earl, Chief Bargaining Delegate -
Aaron Montoya, Newsletter Editor
Gary Malone, Immediate Past President -

Evangelina Sundgrenz, Organizer, SEIU Local 503, OPEU,
David Pinsonneault, Organizer, SEIU Local 503, OPEU,

SEIU Eugene Field Office
488 E 11th, Suite B-100
Eugene OR 97401
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The rights and responsibilities of classified employees, stewards and supervisors regarding union representation are addressed in Article 10 of the SEIU Labor Agreement. Please take the time to become familiar with them.