Path to Fall - Notifying Employees of Return to Onsite Work

Units should notify employees of their expected return date and any other relevant expectations or information. It is recommended to do so both verbally and in writing and to provide 30 days’ or more of advance notice, if possible. The written communication should be retained in the supervisor’s desk file.

Talking Points for Verbal Notification

This is not intended to be a script; it is intended to serve as a guide for your discussion. Please adapt for your communication style and work situation and add additional relevant information as necessary and applicable.

  • As we have discussed, UO is working toward a predominantly in-person fall term, which means that you, as well as other employees in our unit, will be returning to onsite work.
  • We have carefully reviewed our operational needs and health and safety requirements, and have determined that you will need to return to onsite work by (DATE) in order for us to be prepared for fall term. (Provide information to explain why the employee needs to return to onsite work; describe the operational needs that require onsite work, such as IntroDUCKtion, etc.)
  • Knowing that we need you to be working fully onsite by (DATE), let’s talk about what the transition will look like. (Provide flexibility, if possible, such as a gradual return over time, etc.)
  • Remind or inform employee of relevant expectations, such as schedule, work attire, masks/face coverings, completing the UO COVID-19 Employee Training, etc., especially if any expectations are new or will be different than pre-COVID-19.
  • Remind employee of the university requirement that employees be fully vaccinated or complete an exemption process prior to the start of fall term.
  • If the employee indicates that they have concerns about returning to onsite work because of their own medical reasons, then you should explain that requests for a remote work accommodation are handled by the ADA Coordinator and provide them with a link to the remote work accommodation request form in your follow-up email.
  • I will follow up with an email confirming what we have talked about today.
  •  I understand that the return to onsite work may be a significant transition for many people; support resources are available on HR’s website; I’ll send you the link in my follow up email. (Employee Support Resources Link -
  • If you aren’t familiar with the daily symptom self-check process or the case management contact tracing then I would encourage you to read up on those before you return to campus. I’ll send you that link, as well. (Link:
  • Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Send Written Confirmation Notice

After providing verbal notice to an employee, you should follow with a written confirmation by email. A template for this notice is provided below.