COVID-19: Performance Assessment Employee Tool Kit

The following tools assess the impact disruption and adjustments during the university’s COVID-19 response have affected your work assignments, priorities, and work environment.  This information provides content and a framework to engage in a conversation with your supervisor so you can together review performance and chart a path forward. Through this process you will discover accomplishments, identify opportunities for improvement, and generate ideas for overcoming barriers:

  1. Reflect on work during COVID.
    • Take the time to consider your current work – what has been paused, what has been added, and what are unexpected accomplishments due to the changes?
    • Similarly, reflect on your current work arrangement – what adjustments have you and your supervisor made, what is going well, what barriers or difficulties exist?
    • The Work Assessment Matrix will help you review and reflect on your work assignments and work environment.
  2. Evaluate previous goals and make adjustments.
    • Look back at goals set pre-COVID – identify goals that are on track and hit reset by adjusting previous goals and setting new goals with shorter timelines to align with current needs of the job, work arrangements, and institutional focus.
    • The goals worksheet helps evaluate which goals are on track and which should be revisited.
  3. Conduct a self-assessment.
    • Take a moment to take inventory of how you organize your work, collaborate and communicate with your supervisor, and deliver on your duties and responsibilities – where are you achieving, what barriers are keeping you from reaching your full potential, what resources or solutions would help you overcome those barriers.
    • The self-assessment tool will help you reflect on issues and relationships that impact your performance.
  4. Build your relationship with your supervisor.
    • Consider the current dynamic between you and your supervisor and your expectations and needs regarding supervision and leadership – what is working that you would like to see continue, what is not working that you would like to see change, and what, if anything, could start happening that would be helpful to you as you manage and perform your work?

    Assessing these areas will help you synthesize your work experience and identify topics for you and your supervisor to discuss further as you strive to adapt during this unprecedented time and continue your effort to meet and exceed performance expectations.