International Employees: April 19 Message

Message sent April 19, 2017
TO: Immigration Updates Listserv
SUBJECT: How the "Hire American" Executive Order Affects H1-Bs

Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order, "Buy American and Hire American", with the stated goal of “promot[ing] the proper functioning of the H-1B visa program”.  While the executive order reflects the President's desire to reform the H-1B program, it does not actually make any changes.  Instead, the President requested the agencies that he supervises to review their policies and recommend changes that would lead to the most skilled or highest-paid applicants being given priority in the H-1B process.  To actually make these changes a reality would require either the legislature to pass new laws or his agencies to go through a complex public rule-making process.  Either method would take at least months to complete, would be heavily debated, and would be widely reported in the news.

The University of Oregon will not make any changes to its hiring or H-1B sponsorship processes based on the executive order.

If you have questions or concerns about UO’s H-1B sponsorship, feel free to contact Jennifer Doreen at or Kate Comiskey at

All the Best,

Jennifer Doreen
International Employment Specialist