International Employees: December 20 Message

Message Sent December 20, 2016
TO: International Employees
SUBJECT: UO and International Employment

We have heard from some international employees that that the recent election has caused concerns about potential changes to immigration laws.  As an international employee, you may have specific concerns about changes that could affect your ability to continue to work at the University or remain in the US. 

While it is not clear what impact the election will have on immigration law and other laws that may impact international employees, the University of Oregon will continue our practices of upholding and supporting our international employees.

If you have concerns, I encourage you to contact the University of Oregon’s International Employment Specialist, Jennifer Doreen at  In addition, here are links to specific topics that may be of interest:

The University of Oregon has reaffirmed its commitment to retaining all of our employees, regardless of national origin; and promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity. President Michael Schill and Provost Scott Coltrane recenlty issued a statement expressing support for students, faculty and staff regardless of immigration status.  The statement, an excerpt of which is provided below, is pertinent to international employees:

While it is too soon to speculate on what may happen in the future, the University of Oregon remains committed to DACA and providing an inclusive campus that values global citizenship and engagement.

Members of the University of Oregon leadership team have issued several statements and taken actions to reaffirm the university’s values of following concerns raised about strong political rhetoric following the election, recent racist activities around the nation and in Eugene, and the potential for changes to federal immigration enforcement.

  • The University of Oregon will not facilitate immigration enforcement on our campus without a warrant or a clear demonstration of exigent circumstances such as the imminent risk to the health or safety of others;
  • The University of Oregon Police Department will not act on behalf of federal officials in enforcing immigration laws;
  • The University of Oregon will not share with the federal government any information on immigration status unless required by court order.

You are a valued member of the UO community, and Human Resources is available to assist and support you.

Best regards,
Nancy Resnick
Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate Vice President