OA Employment Policies

Message from HR (posted 7/12/2017)

Following approval of the Officer of Administration (OA) employment policies, HR has made minor wording changes and edits to procedures in order to provide clarification and ensure consistent administration of the policies.  A complete listing of edits for each affected procedure is provided on the OA Employment Procedures: Applied Changes webpage.

As HR continues to operationalize OA employment procedures, there may be a need to make further changes. HR has formed an OA Employment Policy Review Group to help HR strengthen, clarify and update the contents of the policies and procedures as necessary. A list of group members is provided below.

Officers of Administration are valued members of our campus community and vital to our ability to deliver exceptional higher education, meet the university’s mission and elevate the reputation of the UO across the globe. Policies that address the unique needs of OAs strengthens the employment relationship with OAs, which is critically important to Human Resources and university leadership. 

HR lead a highly collaborative process to develop policies and procedures.  After a thorough development and review process that included a cross functional Advisory Team and OA feedback opportunities, the policies and procedures were presented to the UO Policy Advisory Commmittee and approved by the president in February. 

Noteworthy elements of the newly approved policies include:

  • establish expectation of continued employment.
  • eliminate six month waiting period for vacation use.
  • allow reinstatement of sick leave if re-employed at UO within 2 years.
  • establish a re-employment pool when a layoff occurs.
  • create a grievance process specficially for OAs.

Foundation for the policies is established by the OA Employment Policy and Procedure, which defines officers of administration as an employment group.

OA Policy Suite

Assistance and Support

Frequently Asked Questions have been developed to address commonly asked questions.  Requests for additional assistance should be directed to Employee and Labor Relations. ELR staff assist employees, and units/departments with understanding and administering OA policies.  The following resources are also available:

OA Employment Policy Review Group

HR has formed an OA Employment Policy Review Group to help HR strengthen, clarify and update the contents of the policies and procedures as necessary.

Group Members

Larissa Ennis, Assistant Director of Community Relations, OA council
Cheryl Ernst, Executive Director, American English Institute, OA Senator
Keith Frazee, Assistant Director for Orientation Programs, OA Senator
Kelly McIver, Communications Director/PIO, OA council
Teri Rowe, Manager of Finance & Admin EC/SOC, OA Policy Advisory Team
Leslie Wolgamott, Director, Financial Services, OA council
Missy Matella, Interim Director, Employee & Labor Relations
Annie Bentz, Senior Employee Relations Coordinator
Nancy Resnick, CHRO & Associate Vice President

OA Policy Development

A review of the OA policy development process is available on the OA Policy Project webpage.