Career Faculty Layoff Guidance

The following is guidance for completing the layoff process for a non-funding-contingent Career Faculty member who is in the United Academics bargaining unit.

Note: This process does not apply to funding-contingent faculty. That process can be found on the Funding-Contingent Career Faculty Layoff Guidance page.

2021 Transition Period Guidance Modifications – This section applies to all non-funding-contingent Career Faculty layoffs prior to Fall 2021. Please read the entire section carefully.

There will be no contract renewals or non-renewals in AY20-21. Career Faculty may only be separated though the layoff process described here.

  • Layoff notice given to Career Faculty members during AY20-21 must be at least 90 days for non-promoted Career Faculty members and 365 days for all promoted Career Faculty members. In other words, the new 30-days' notice period for first-year Career Faculty is not allowable until Fall 2021.
  • Layoff notices issued to non-funding-contingent Career Faculty members cannot have a final employment termination date that comes before the end date of the Career Faculty member's current contract.
    • Example 1, not allowed: A Career Faculty member with a contract end date of June 15, 2022 could not be given 90-days' notice on June 16, 2021.
    • Example 2, not allowed: A Career Faculty member with a contract end date of March 30, 2022 could not be given 90-days’ notice on June 16, 2021.
    • Example 3, allowed: A promoted Career Faculty member with a contract end date of June 15, 2022 could be given 365-days’ notice on June 16, 2021.
  • Layoff notice periods and termination dates must be calculated from June 16, 2021 for 9-month faculty and July 1, 2021 for 12-month faculty.

Appointment Length

2021 Transition Period Notice Calculation Start Date

Termination Date
(90-days' notice)

Termination Date
(365-days' notice)


June 16, 2021

September 14, 2021

June 16, 2022


July 1, 2021

September 29, 2021

July 1, 2022

  • Please note, units providing 90-days' notice to 9-month Career Faculty on June 16 must provide benefits continuity for eligible members through the summer up to the termination date.
  • Following June 16, 2021 for 9-month Career Faculty and July 1, 2021 for 12-month Career Faculty, with consideration of the guidance above, layoff notice may be given at any time through the process below.

The guidance below outlines the required process for non-funding-contingent Career Faculty layoffs. This process only applies to Career Faculty in the United Academics bargaining unit.

Process Steps

Step 1. Layoff Justification Memo

The layoff justification memo is an internal document intended to help units plan their layoff and follow the criteria outlined in Article 16, Section 2, 3 and 4, to ensure that adequate justification, appropriate rationale, and earned seniority are considered in the layoff decision. The memo must fully document the legitimate basis of the layoff decision and will be used if the layoff is challenged. Units must complete the layoff justification memo template and submit it to ELR for approval. Units may consult with ELR as needed in the preparation of their layoff justification memo. The final memo from the unit for ELR approval must also be signed by the School/College Dean or equivalent.

Units can use the Layoff Justification Memo template provided by ELR to complete this step, which is also available on the Tools/Templates webpage.

Step 2. Layoff Memo Approval by ELR

After unit and School/College level approval, the layoff justification memo must be sent to ELR ( for approval. Units are encouraged to send their memo at least one month prior to the anticipated notice date. Units may not provide layoff notice without ELR first approving the layoff.

Step 3. Layoff Notice Letter

After receiving ELR approval units may provide layoff notice using the Career Faculty Layoff Notice template. A copy of the Layoff Notice Letter should be sent to when it is issued to the faculty member. Units should retain copies of the approved Layoff Justification Memo and Layoff Notice Letter should the layoff be challenged and taken to arbitration.