OA: Emergency Sick Leave Procedure

The University agrees to provide all Officers of Administration (OA) with two (2) weeks of emergency paid sick leave pursuant to the Federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act ("H.R. 6201").

Amount and Pay:

This Emergency Sick Leave is up to eighty (80) hours for full-time employees, prorated for part-time employees, and paid at the employee's regular rate of pay. This leave is in addition to the leaves accrued and provided for by the current OA policies and procedures.


When flexible scheduling or telecommuting are not possible, an employee may use their own vacation time, Emergency Sick Leave as described by this procedure, or sick time for reasons stated in applicable OA policy and procedure.

Emergency Sick Leave can be used for any of the qualifying events listed in H.R. 6201, the OA Time Off policy and procedure for sick leave, Oregon Sick Leave Law, as well as care of children during school or daycare closures due to a public health emergency.

There is no requirement that the employee use or exhaust their accrued leaves prior to using Emergency Sick Leave. Emergency Sick Leave will generally be used first when applicable. Like all sick leave, Emergency Sick Leave is not paid out upon separation.

Duration of Procedure:

This emergency procedure modifies OA Procedure V.09.02-1 “OA Time Off” during the period of March 23, 2020 to June 30, 2021, the date the federal leave law expires.