OA Employment Policies

Temporary Change to OA Time Off:


Officers of administration may temporarily accrue vacation leave beyond the current maximum until September 30, 2021.

Beginning with the end of June accrual, the maximum vacation leave balance will be increased from 260 hours to 340 hours, which will allow OAs to accrue up to an additional 80 hours of vacation. The new balance maximum will be available until September 30, 2021 giving those accruing the additional vacation time to utilize the paid leave. All other provisions of vacation leave policies and procedures remain the same.

View Updated Vacation Procedure

UO Emergency Sick Leave

The University of Oregon has temporarily implemented a new UO emergency sick leave program to be utilized while the university responds to the COVID-19 outbreak. The program is based on the new federal “Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act” (H.R. 6201). It provides employees with access to additional paid leave and provides broader benefits than the federal law requires.

Human Resources, in consultation with the OA Employment Policy Advisory Group, has activated an emergency sick leave procedure for Officers of administration.

View Emergency Sick Leave Procedure

OA Employment Policy Suite

Officers of Administration are valued members of our campus community and vital to our ability to deliver exceptional higher education, meet the university’s mission and elevate the reputation of the UO across the globe. Policies that address the unique needs of OAs strengthens the employment relationship with OAs, which is critically important to Human Resources and university leadership. 

Foundation for the policies is established by the OA Employment Policy and Procedure, which defines officers of administration as an employment group.

Policies & Procedures

Assistance and Support

Requests for additional assistance should be directed to Employee and Labor Relations. ELR staff assist employees, and units/departments with understanding and administering OA policies.  The following resources are also available:

Frequently Asked Questions

OA Employment Policy Advisory Group

The OA Employment Policy Advisory Group provides feedback to Human Resources regarding OA employment policies and procedures. The group plays an important role in representing the interests of officers of administration and advising HR representatives on issues related to OA employment including proposed changes to policies and procedures.

Group Members

Larissa Ennis, Assistant Director of Community Relations, OA council
Cheryl Ernst, Executive Director, American English Institute, OA Senator
Keith Frazee, Assistant Director for Orientation Programs, OA Senator
Kelly McIver, Communications Director/PIO, OA council
Teri Rowe, Manager of Finance & Admin EC/SOC, OA Policy Advisory Team
Jessica Marquez, HR Manager, School of Journalism & Communications
Annie Herz, Senior Employee Relations Coordinator

Change Process:

HR follows as established process to implement changes to OA employment policies and procedures periodiocally as needed:

  1. Review proposed changes with the OA Employment Policy Advisory Group.
  2. Share proposed changes with OA Council.
  3. Post proposed changes for a 10 day comment period.
  4. Review submitted comments.
  5. Make updates if necessary.
  6. Communicate outcome and final changes with the advisory group, OAs, and the campus community.
  7. Provide education and training to ensure implementation.


OA Policy Development History

A historical review of the OA policy development process is available on the OA Policy Project webpage.