Officer of Administration (OA) Reassignments

Per the OA Employment Procedure, units proposing an OA reassignment that involves a reduction in the duties or FTE must submit a reassignment justification memo for approval to the HR Employee and Labor Relations (ELR) team

An OA reassignment memo should include the following:

  • The business need for the reassignment
  • How this relates to a larger reorganization (if applicable)
  • The name of the employee
  • The old and new position title
  • The old and proposed position description
  • The old and new salary band
  • The old and new salary
  • The old and new FTE
  • The old and new reporting line
  • Whether the original position is being backfilled

Please consider the following as you plan for an OA reassignment:

  • If the reassignment is part of a larger organization, it will be important to meet with a representative from ELR and Talent Acquisition to allow for a consultative process.
  • If a reassignment is lateral and there is no real or perceived diminishment to the position (salary, FTE, duties, supervision, other), a justification memo is not necessary.
  • It is important to provide the employee with a reassignment letter that outlines the changes in their duties and reporting lines, in addition to the date the changes take place.

If you have questions about OA reassignments, please contact Annie Herz at or 346-2972.