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photo of Missy Matella

Missy Matella, Senior Director of Employee and Labor Relations, (541) 346-2305,
Areas of Responsibility: United Academics, American Association of University Professors- American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO

Annie Benz Annie Herz, Senior Employee Relations Coordinator, 541-346-2972,
Areas of Responsibility: OA Employment Concerns, Workplace Climate Issues
Peter Fehrs Peter Fehrs, Senior Labor Relations Coordinator, 541-346-2998,
Areas of Responsibility:  Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, Investigations




Chris Meade, Employee and Labor Relations Manager, 541-346-2965,
Areas of Responsibility: Service Employee International Union, Teamsters, Supervisor Training




Caitlin Willard, Employee & Labor Relations Specialist, 541-346-2966,





Martin Stanberry, ADA Coordinator, 541-346-2985,





Dan Currier, Interim Project Manager, 541-346-7531,