United Academics

UA represents approximately 1,900 faculty on campus including tenure-track and non-tenure-track instructional faculty, adjuncts, librarians, research faculty, and postdoctoral scholars.  Law school faculty, EC Cares faculty, and faculty in a supervisory role (mostly department heads and primary investigators) are excluded from the bargaining unit. 

Current President:  President Avinnash Tiwari, Career Instructor, English Department. 


UO and UA Negotiations Update

The University of Oregon and United Academics (UA) began the collective bargaining process for a new contract in January. In April, the parties agreed to pause bargaining until later this summer. This pause will allow all to conclude this academic year with a focus on our students’ success, our research, and preparing to welcome our incoming students to campus in the fall. Referring to the most recent bargaining update for more information including a joint statement.

Bargaining Information and Updates

Career Faculty Transition to Expectation of Continuous Employment

UO and UA have reached an agreement regarding career faculty employment strengthens career faculty employment at the university by moving to an expectation of continued employment.

Career faculty are an important part of our teaching mission and campus community, and we are excited to announce that we are moving towards a system of an expectation of continued employment with defined notice periods and away from a system of contracts with fixed end dates.

As was the case this year, the current contract system for non-funding contingent career faculty disproportionately impacts career faculty whose contracts are up for renewal in years where the university is experiencing financial stress. That means that historically, layoff decisions could not fully account for important factors like performance or rank. The parties were able to reach agreement on key principles that will address this issue and collectively move the university away from its current system of contracts that expire at a set point and towards an expectation of continued employment for our career faculty. These principles include notice periods for all career faculty, with promoted faculty receiving a year’s notice prior to any employment action (layoff due to a financial or academic reason, for example), an expedited arbitration process for complaints associated with employment actions, and a guarantee that career faculty who have been laid off will receive the same FTE if they are rehired within a two-year period.

A small workgroup of representatives from the university and UA met throughout the fall term to build a new system of career faculty employment based on the principles agreed to in September of 2020. UA and UO reached agreement on the changes and UA members approved a second memorandum of understanding in January 2021 that updates the CBA and establishes the system for continuous employment for career faculty, which includes provisions for notice periods, increased workload stability, and an expedited arbitration process to name a few.

This new system applies to all represented career faculty and goes into effect on June 16, 2021, for 9-month appointments and on July 1, 2021 for 12-month appointments. It will eliminate the contract system for career faculty employment. Instead of being issued contracts that guarantee employment and allocated FTE for one, two, or three years, all career faculty will have an “expectation of continued employment” at their current FTE. Layoffs require a notice period before a career faculty member’s job is terminated.

Effective immediately, all new offers of employment and renewal appointments issued prior to June 16, 2021 for represented career faculty will reflect the new system of ongoing employment.

Memorandums of Understanding

The Memorandums of Understanding between the University of Oregon and United Academics should be considered terms of the current collective bargaining agreement. The following list includes active MOUs by title, applicable article, and effective date.

Career Faculty Employment Implementation (Articles 15, 16, 19, 23 & 26, 2/2/2021)

American English Institute (11/23/20)

CBA Document Edits (11/17/20)

Career Faculty Employment (9/8/20)

Career Faculty FTE Restoration and Progressive Pay Reduction Plan (8/12/20)

Career Faculty FTE Restoration and Progressive Pay Reduction Plan Appendix 2 - PPR Model (8/12/20)

CBA Extension and Career Faculty (5/8/20)

Course Evaluations Amendment (Article 20, 2/10/2020)

External Equity (Article 26, 1/14/2020)

Tenure Reduction Program (Article 26, 4/11/2019)

Course Evaluations (Article 20, 8/12/2019)

Union Information Requests (Article 9, 7/10/2019)

Grievances (Article 22, 7/10/2019)

Parental Leave (Article 32, 4/10/2019)

Tenure Review and Promotion (Article 20, 10/17/2018)                        

Janus Ruling (Article 10, 6/12/2018)

Recognition (Article 1, 6/8/2018)

Academic Classifications and Ranks (Article 15, 06/05/18)

Extension of Terms (Article 16, 5/8/2018)

Local Level Metrics (3/16/2018)

Pro Tem Faculty Extensions (Article 16, 6/24/2017)

Tenure Salary Equity Study (Article 26, 2/17/2017)       

Research Faculty FLSA (Article 26, 10/24/2016)

1st Yr. Faculty Develop. Program (Article 35, 10/19/2015)

Reserving Conference Rooms (Article 9, 11/13/2014)        

Career NTTF Review (Article 19, 9/22/2014)

Overload Assignments (Article 17, 6/6/2014)        

Pro Tem Extensions

Proposal for Long-Term Ongoing Pro Tem Position