COVID-19 Resources for Faculty and Staff

The University of Oregon is coordinating with Lane County Public Health, the Oregon Health Authority, and federal health officials to proactively monitor and respond to COVID-19 to protect the health and well-being of our campus community. Refer to the following resources for the latest news and information related to our institutional-wide response and workplace management:

Workplace Resources

The UO is operating primarily conducting in-person instruction, research, and services. The full suite of COVID-19 tools and the University of Oregon’s high vaccination rate allows us to safely support students on campus for in-person instruction and experiences and operate mostly in person.

The health and safety of our employees, students, and community members remains paramount, and all on-campus activities and experiences will follow health and safety measures. Human Resource offers the following information and resources to assist faulty and staff as we move forward together.

Resources Index

Employee Engagement and Support

Human Resources and the Division of Equity and Inclusion have assembled insights and information for employees to easily incorporated into their work by reinforcing strategies already use or generating new ideas.

Caregiver Resources

Caregiving can be particularly difficult due to remote work, remote school, and other challenges at this time. Meeting these responsibilities have a unique impact on UO community members and their families. While UO cannot provide ready-made solutions to childcare and other caregiving issues individuals are encountering, we have created new networking opportunities within the UO community to help alleviate some of the pressure points. Additional work-life resources are also available.

Employee Assistance Program

UO contracts with Canopy, formerly called Cascade Centers, to provide a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for benefit-eligible employees and their dependents. The services are provided at no cost to eligible members.

Employee Leaves

The university recognizes the impact that COVID-19 may have on an employee's ability to work for various reasons. The first course of action is to explore flexible work options, such as remote work or flexible schedules, where possible. Because flexible work arrangements are not always appropriate or viable due to personal and operational realities, we want to highlight the university’s leave programs available during the UO COVID-19 response.

Work Arrangements - Flexible and Remote Work

The university recognizes the impact that COVID-19 may have on an employee's ability to work for various reasons. The first course of action is to explore flexible work options, such as remote work or flexible schedules, where possible.

Prevention and Safety Regulations

As conditions allow for safe and responsible in-person instruction and on-campus research, events, services, and other activities, we will implement plans in accordance with guidance from public health authorities. These measures are being implemented in consultation with the Incident Management Team, and stakeholders across campus. The plan includes a variety of safety and planning measures related to university operations, individual responsibilities, case management, and other actions.

UO COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Requirements

UO requires students and employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or request an exemption and test weekly. Additionally, the university requires students, faculty, and staff to receive a COVID-19 booster shot. The booster shot requirement must be met by January 31, or 30 days after you become eligible. Details about the upload process will be coming shortly. This public health measure at the UO will help protect our community by reducing the potential for serious illness. It also will limit campus disruptions and allow us to continue in-person instruction and activities. 

All newly hired faculty, officers of administration, classified employees, and UO temporary employees must complete the online COVID-19 vaccination requirement form within 30 days of their start date and are subject to weekly testing until they report they are fully vaccinated.

Weekly COVID-19 testing is required for unvaccinated and partially vaccinated UO employees, those who choose an exemption, and newly hired employees who have not completed the vaccination requirement process. If an employee wishes to report being fully vaccinated after requesting an exemption, they should submit a new vaccination requirement form. Their record will be updated accordingly, and they will no longer be required to test weekly.

Refer to the vaccine section of the UO coronavirus website for information about this COVID-19 vaccination requirement and weekly testing, including instructions, frequently asked questions, and a link to the secure online employee form.

UO COVID-19 Weekly Testing Requirement

Students and employees subject to the vaccination requirement who are not fully vaccinated will be required to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing through the Monitoring and Assessment Program (MAP).

Weekly Required Testing Process

Other Safety Regulations Resources

Medical Care

The university recommends employees with specific health concerns contact their healthcare provider for medical advice tailored to their individual situations. Visit the Benefits website section of the HR website for your health insurance plan to learn more about the available options, including alternative resources for care, such as a nurse advice line or virtual care.


Travel, including visitors to the university, is being managed and approved by vice presidents, deans, and their designees. Faculty and staff may submit a travel request and acknowledgment of risk form in Concur. More information about approving travel is available in the Travel Office's webpage.

The university's insurance benefits include provisions for assistance while you are traveling.