Process Transformation - PRF Project

Where are we now?

Human Resources provides regular updates about the status of the Process Transformation - PRF Project to keep the campus community apprised of the latest developments and to forecast next steps.

View Most Recent Update: February 5, 2020

Human Resources has initiated a project to evaluate the paper Payroll Request Form (PRF) process and launch an improved process that can be conducted electronically.

Purpose & Goals

The purpose of the Process Transformation - PRF Project is to develop an electronic workflow for all personnel and pay actions that are currently processed through the hard copy PRF process. The Process Transformation - PRF Project has three primary goals:

  1. Efficiency: To increase the ease and timeliness at which a payroll request is completed, with fewer data fields to enter and validate, as well as streamlined approvals.
  2. Transparency: To enable users to find and see transactions throughout the process.
  3. Data Integrity: To increase transaction data accuracy, with fewer data fields to enter and validate.

Project Overview

To achieve the defined goals, the project will target the following milestones:

  • The paper PRF will be mapped and analyzed for efficiencies.
  • The project team will gather requirements and configure an electronic process in OnBase.
  • After an electronic process is created, multiple testing channels will be utilized to ensure viability before rolling out to users across campus.
  • Extensive training resources will be available prior to launch of the new process.

The completion of this project will be the collective effort of an PRF Project Team, which includes representation from University Human Resources, Payroll, Business Affairs Information Technology, and Information Services. This team will gather input from many stakeholders from across campus.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Project Team’s efforts require the input and thoughtful contributions of many across campus. The PRF has campus-wide impact as the method used for requesting and recording many personnel and pay actions for employees. We have heard the desire across campus to increase transparency and efficiency for this process, and we will continue to work with stakeholders throughout the term of the project.

Stakeholders who utilize the paper PRF will routinely be engaged in the following ways:

  • Meetings with PRF subject matter experts in University Human Resources, unit PRF initiators, unit managers and approvers, and Payroll.
  • Key milestone updates and notifications through HR partner and Paynews networks.
  • User acceptance testing and feedback prior to launch.
  • Regular updates to the project outlined on the project website and Where are we now? posts.
  • Campus constituents are welcome to provide comments, feedback, or ask questions at any time throughout the duration of the project. Please feel free to provide feedback through the survey below.

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Project Timeline

The Process Transformation - PRF Project will be ongoing as we conduct a comprehensive review of the paper PRF process and engage many stakeholders in the process.

Major milestones, with estimated timeframes, include:

  • Planning and requirements gathering: Through Spring 2020
  • Building and configuration in electronic system: Begin Spring 2020
  • Testing and training of super users: TBD
  • Training and implementation across campus: TBD

Project Contact

If you have questions or comments regarding this project, it is best to submit them via email to