OA Position Description Update Initiative

Developing a job family framework requires a review and evaluation of officer of administration (OA) positions. Since OA positions and job titles vary widely across the university, position descriptions (PDs) will serve as the primary tool for completing the evaluation process. It is imperative to this project that the information regarding the scope and responsibilities of positions provided in the position description for each OA position is accurate and up-to-date.

PDs that have recently been created or updated and approved will likely require minimal action. PDs that have not been updated recently or that are not completed in detail will take more time and effort to update. In addition to the value this initiative provides to the OA Job Family Framework project, updating all OA PDs now will make it easier to maintain accurate and current position descriptions going forward, in accordance with best practice.

Process & Timeline

With guidance from University Human Resources, each unit’s leadership will define a process and a timeline that works best for their unit with the common goal of submitting an updated PD for all OA positions by August 30. Supervisors or HR Partners can provide more information about a unit’s specific process.

Each unit’s process is expected to include the following elements:

  • Review of every OA position description.
    Each PD will be submitted through MyTrack for the purposes of this project. This includes PDs that were recently created or updated and approved. 
  • OA engagement in the review process.
    Unit leadership will reinforce the expectation that supervisors will engage OAs in the review process and will create a unit specific process that includes collaboration between supervisors and OAs. Supervisors and unit leadership will make the final determination of what is and is not included in a PD.
  • Defined approval process.
    Approval of a PD requires a three level process. Units may elect to include additional reviewers at their discretion prior to submitting the PD for approval in MyTrack. Approval of a PD typically includes the supervisor, unit HR representative, and a vice president, dean, chief of staff, or academic CFO with HR responsibilities. Unit leadership determines who provides final approval for the submission of the PD in MyTrack for the OAJFF project approval process.

OA Engagement

OAs have a unique understanding of their role and responsibilities, and their input is valuable to the process of creating and maintaining accurate position descriptions. OAs are encouraged to reach out to their supervisors to learn more about how they can participate in the PD review process underway for the OA job family framework project. Each unit’s HR partner can also serve as a helpful resource and provide further guidance about the unit’s plans for OA engagement.

Employees can access their position description in MyTrack (instructions available). Please note that a position description is not viewable when it is being edited or in an approval process in MyTrack.

The following links provide more information about the OA Job Family Framework Project:

Unit Guidance

Guidelines and resources are available for those with a specific role and/or responsibility for submitting updated PDs during the OA position description update initiative as part of the OA Job Family Framework project.