Appointment Reports

The Appointment Reports screen (Banner form PWRAPRP) allows users to create lists of appointments that are in the unclassified appointment system (PWAAPPT). Data can be downloaded in a report format or into an Excel spreadsheet.

PWRAPRP allows the user to set parameters based on eight different fields. The spreadsheet returns values in thirty different fields, so it is possible to create more tailored reports by sorting or filtering spreadsheet data.


Navigate to Banner form PWRAPRP. Choose an Appointment Report from the drop-down menu:

  • “Appointment Listing” produces a report in PDF format, ready for printing
  • “Appointment Spreadsheet Listing” produces an Excel worksheet

You may select parameters in one or more of eight fields, as described below. Any or all of the eight fields can be left blank. However, queries will return data for all appointments in the system, including incomplete ones. Therefore, it is recommended that a “Begin Date” be specified. For example, enter Begin Date Range From 01-JAN-2005, and leave Begin Date Range To blank, to exclude appointments which began in 2004 or before.

Enter one or a range of appointment numbers.
Begin Date Range:
To return a list of appointments from a particular date forward, enter only a “From” date.
Enter a faculty member’s ID# to return a list of appointments for that particular faculty member.
Enter a departmental org code.
College/Adm. Unit:
Departmental users will probably want to leave this blank.
Choose from the drop-down menu.
Contract Status:
This refers to the printing of the contract by the vice president’s office.
Choose from the drop-down menu.

The Sort Order box allows the user to prioritize the sorting of results. Click on a choice for sort order and then use the up and down arrows to move the choice to the top or bottom of the list.

These reports will include data for appointments which have been “abandoned” (those that were started by departments and then left unfinished for various reasons). Abandoned appointments can be deleted by the staff in the vice presidents’ offices. Please report abandoned appointment numbers to your vice president’s office and request that they be deleted.