IS Classification Project FAQ: OA Reclassifed to SEIU

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about an officer of administration position being reclassifed as an SEIU represented position.

Why do the pay adjustments take effect October 1, 2022?

Employees were notified of any reclassification on October 22, 2022, which is when the classification review was completed.  Since the adjustments were made during the October pay cycle, the effective date is October 1, 2022. 

If I were to exercise my layoff rights, what does that entitle me to?

If you choose this option, your employment with the University will end after a three-month notice period, and you will have the option to join the OA re-employment pool in order to be considered for open OA positions.

If I opt to be considered for an open OA position, how does the OA-reemployment pool differ from the regular hiring process?

The OA re-employment pool is a pool of individuals who were laid off from their OA positions that hiring managers can hire from, forgoing a regular search process.  If hiring managers are interested in using the OA re-employment pool, their unit would indicate this when submitting a job requisition in MyTrack.

Will I be allowed to receive unemployment benefits if I choose to be laid off, or is that choice the equivalent to voluntary termination?

Typically, employees who are laid off are eligible for unemployment benefits.  However, eligibility is ultimately determined by the Oregon Employment Department, not the university.  More information is available at

What factors were considered when setting pay for employees who have been reclassified from OA to SEIU?

For those positions that were reclassified, pay was determined by looking at the pay of individuals in comparable positions, and then considering factors like years of service or work experience. This is a similar process to how pay is set for new employees who are hired into the unit or transfer into the unit. Positions were not evaluated for market value.

I have been notified that my position will be reclassified as an SEIU represented position. What do I need to do now? 

There is no action required on your part. You were initially notified in October 2022. If you did not receive the final notification, which included salary and FLSA status, sent December 22, 2022, please reach out to

My OA position is being reclassified. When does this go into effect? 

Position changes from OA to SEIU were effective January 1, 2023.

My OA position is being reclassified. Will my SEIU classified position be salary or hourly and will it be FLSA exempt from overtime compensation? 

Final salary and FLSA determinations were communicated to employees on December 22, 2022. Please refer to the email you received for the information specific to your position.

If OA positions have been identified for reclassification as SEIU classified, non-exempt as part of this project, are supervisors advised to keep track of on-call hours, overtime hours, and after-hours work?

If a final determination requires reclassification to a non-exempt position, then the implementation process will include an evaluation of work time and a thorough analysis of compensation based on the effective date of the new classification. The impacted employee will be provided more information at that time.

If an employee disagrees with the determination of their classification, can they request a classification review on their own?

Yes. An employee can request a classification review on their own by submitting their current position description to to initiate that process. Please note that the employee's supervisor will be an integral part of this process, so the employee should first discuss any proposed changes to their position description before submitting it to FASS.