OA Job Family Framework: Project Overview

The university recognizes the unique role OAs serve as we pursue our mission of delivering exceptional teaching, discovery, and service. Key considerations for this project include:

  • Building a comprehensive job family framework for OAs strengthens our ability to attract and retain top talent.
  • The new framework will allow OAs to more easily identify growth opportunities and pursue career advancement at the University of Oregon, a request that was clearly articulated by officers of administration in the climate survey recently conducted by OA Council.
  • The project is an extensive and important undertaking that will be ongoing over the next 18 to 24 months as we complete a comprehensive review of OA positions and engage many stakeholders, including officers of administration and OA Council, in the process.
  • We expect the OA job family framework to be fully implemented by the end of calendar year 2020.
  • Purpose & Goals

    The OA job family framework project has three primary goals:

  1. Clarity: To retain and attract talent by creating a structure that allows OAs to more easily understand how OA positions across campus relate to each other and to identify career advancement opportunities at the University of Oregon.
  2. Consistency: To enhance transparency, consistency, and efficiency of compensation decisions by developing a structure and tools for units and HR to use when creating and evaluating new and revised position descriptions.
  3. Compliance: To support the university’s goal to compensate OAs fairly and equitably and ensure continued compliance with the Oregon Equal Pay Act.
Project Information

What this project is:

  • an extension of previous work that established OA salary bands.
  • an initiative to align jobs with similar duties and responsibilities within job families.
  • expected to provide information OAs can use when evaluating job opportunities at UO.

What this project is NOT:

  • an analysis of current compensation or salary bands.
  • a budget savings initiative or intended to reorganize departments or units.
  • an effort to create personalized career paths for OAs.

 Frequently Asked Questions are available to provide more information about this project.


The completion of this project will be the collective effort of an advisory committee, an HR project team from University Human Resources, and Segal consultants.

  • The advisory committee will be comprised of representatives from a variety of units and departments across the university. This group will contribute to project discussion and provide guidance and feedback on materials, processes, communications, etc. They will also serve as liaisons for OAs across campus, sharing information broadly about the project, serving as a resource to OAs and bringing questions and/or concerns to Advisory Committee meetings for further discussion.
  • Members of University Human Resources will be part of an HR project team that will partner with the advisory committee and the consultant to plan and implement the project.
  • Segal is a third-party consulting firm with experience in higher education having previously completed similar projects with Portland State University and Oregon State University, as well as many other institutions. University leadership has contracted with Segal to provide technical assistance to the project.

Project Timeline

The OA job family framework project will be ongoing over the next 18 to 24 months as we conduct a comprehensive review of OA positions and engage many stakeholders in the process. We expect the job family framework to be fully implemented by the end of calendar year 2020.

Major milestones, with estimated timeframes, include:

  • Organization and Project Kick-Off: December 2018 – January of 2019
  • Discovery and information gathering: Ongoing through summer of 2019
  • Development and refinement of the framework: Summer of 2019 through spring of 2020
  • Implementation: Summer 2020 through the end of calendar year 2020

Advisory Committee

Amy Green*, Assistant Director, Human Resources - College of Education
Anna Duncan, Divisional Personnel and Budget Specialist - Natural Sciences - College of Arts & Sciences
Chelsey Megli, Sr. Director Strategic Talent Engagement - University Advancement
Jeslyn Everitt, Assistant General Counsel - General Counsel's Office
Kaia Rogers, Sr. Director of Programs, Services & Strategic Initiatives - University Human Resources
Kathie Stanley, Associate VP & Chief of Staff - Division of Student Life
Kelsey Brannon, Interim HR Project Manager - University Human Resources
Nancy Nieraeth, Director of Talent Acquisition - University Human Resources
Patrick Moore, Associate Director, FASS Human Resources - Finance & Shared Services – VPFA
Peter Fehrs, Associate Director of Employee Labor Relations - University Human Resources
Ray Sykes, Associate Dean of Finance & Operations - School of Law
Sonia Potter, Director of HR Operations - University Human Resources
Stephanie Neuhart, Director of Classification & Compensation - University Human Resources

*OA Council Designee