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AIDS, Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol and other drugs do not cause HIV infection or other sexually transmissible diseases. However, alcohol and drugs are often major factors when people have unsafe sex. Alcohol and other drugs can impair judgment and limit your ability to communicate effectively. Alcohol and some drugs (including cocaine, marijuana and designer drugs) may damage the immune system itself, making individuals more susceptible to infectious diseases.

Note: The use of any substance used intravenously, with needle sharing, increases the risk of AIDS and Hepatitis B.

Drug-Alcohol Sanctions

Drug-Alcohol Risks

Tobacco and Nicotine

Family and Medical Leaves

Employees who need time off from work to take care of a new child, or deal with serious health situations involving their family or themselves, should contact their supervisor to request the time off. The supervisor should notify Human Resources as soon as the employee requests the leave so the proper documentation can be sent to the employee.

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Lane County Family Child Care Homes Serving Children Under Three

Lane County Child Care Centers Serving Children Under Three

DuckWeb FAQs

What is DuckWeb for Employees?

DuckWeb for Employees allows employees to look at their benefit and payroll data stored in the Banner Human Resources Information System (HRIS).


Employee Identity Protection

Events and trends over the past few years have heightened awareness of problems arising from identity theft and related misuse of personal information. Commonplace availability of key personal information such as Social Security Number (SSN) and the absence of strong measures for protecting privacy have contributed to identity theft with disastrous ramifications for the victims. To help protect our faculty and staff, the university issues a unique numeric identifier to each employee that is used to conduct university business.

Child Care on Campus

Co-op Family Center

The Co-op Family Center is an independent, nonprofit co-operative located in UO Spencer View Family Housing.  Student families receive first priority and a tuition discount.  The center serves children eight weeks to ten years.
2250 Patterson St., phone: 541- 346-7400 email:

School Information

Finding and choosing the right school setting for your child can be challenging. Work-Life Resources provides personal consultation and information about  private and public schools, campus and community programs and services, before-and after-school programs, summer and vacation programs, and high school alternatives. 

4J School District

Bethel School District

Elder Care

Child Care Resource and Referral

  • Work-Life Resources Individual Consultations- To schedule a consultation e-mail

Babysitting and Individual Caregiving

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    Orientation to the Workplace

    Departmental orientation is recommended in addition to the New Employee Orientation offered by Human Resources. A good orientation reinforces the supervisor's appropriate role as trainer, guide, planner, information and resource gatherer.

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