Financial Assistance for Child Care

ASUO Child Care Subsidy for Students

Funded by student incidental fees, the subsidy provides financial assistance for child-care costs to eligible university students that can be used for either UO-affiliated or certified community child care. Subsidies are based on the level of need and range from 20-50% of the designated maximum for the fiscal year July 1 to June 30. Applications are available on their website or call (541) 346-0618.

ASUO Women’s Center Child Care Scholarship

Child care reimbursement are available through the Women's Center to students, faculty and staff attending University events. You pay your family childcare provider, and the Women's Center will reimburse your cost. Applications are available on their website and can be dropped off at the Women's Center prior to your event (three working days is preferred).

What can I use the reimbursements for?

University of Oregon events on or off campus. Consider using the reimbursements for a campus lecture, an event like Take Back the Night or the Willamette Valley Folk Festival, or something like a theater production or musical performance.

Can I use it more than once?

Yes, but our funds are limited. If looking for long-term childcare assistance, try the ASUO Child Care Subsidy.

How much is reimbursed?

It depends on how much funding we have, but we usually reimburse up to 50 dollars. Where does the money come from? This program is supported solely by donations and fundraised funds. If you would like to make a contribution or lend a hand with our fundraising efforts, please contact our Nontraditional Student Advocate at 346-4095.

Earned Income Tax Credit

Working students, and UO faculty and staff who have at least one child living with them may be eligible for a tax credit that is based on a percentage of earned income. For more information, call the Payroll Office at (541) 346-1126.


Oregon Department Of Human Services Employment Related Day Care

Low-income working families may be eligible for financial help with child care costs. 

Family Ford Scholarships for Students

Funded by a private foundation, this scholarship for single-parent students provides extensive financial assistance, including subsidies for child-care costs.  For more information access the above website and review Scholarship 566:  Better A Life or contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, (541) 346-3221.

Oregon Student Child Care Program

The Student Child Care Program provides a limited amount of funds to help students pay for child care.  Students must meet low-income guidelines and based on their income, will pay a portion of their child-care costs.

Employee Dependent Child Care Account

UO employee parents have an opportunity to pay for dependent care with pretax income.  For more information, call the Human Resources Benefits Office at (541) 346-3085.