HR Partners Bulletin: PD Module Update

What is changing?

Position description module in MyTrack gets a new look:

  • Fields added
  • Sections reordered

Updates applied to the first name field:

  • Preferred name field in Banner will populate first name field in MyTrack
  • No preferred name in Banner, MyTrack defaults to legal first name

Why is it changing?

  • User feedback has provided suggested improvements
  • HR initiatives require PDs to include additional information (i.e. OA Job Family Framework, Oregon Equal Pay Act)
  • Improve usability of module

When is it changing?

Monday, June 10

What you need to know:

Here is the information you need to transition to the updated PD module in MyTrack beginning Monday, June 10.

Module Change: Fields

  • New fields added to the module.
    New fields include drop down menus or require short phrases to expedite input. A glossary of terms will provide reference and guidance for completing the fields.
  • Existing fields moved to different sections.
    Several existing fields have been moved to new sections within the module.

A list of changes by PD section are provided below.

Updated position description support materials are available in the MyTrack user guides.

Module Change: First Name Look Up

First name field will use preferred name when a preferred name is on record in Banner.
With an update to the data transfer from Banner, MyTrack will apply a preferred name, when it exists, to the first name field. Currently, MyTrack lists both the legal first name and the preferred name for each user (ex. Susan Sue Smith). Beginning, June 10, you will only see first name and last name (ex. Sue Smith). This impacts user look up as the first name may be different than before when a preferred name is applied.
Recommendation: use last name in lookup process to find users.

Impact on PD Process

  • Position Descriptions in the approval process when the update occurs require additional action.
    The added fields will need to be completed to continue in the process. Recruiters in Talent Acquisition will reach out to HR Partners with PDs in the approval queue to expedite the completion of the new fields.
  • Some fields are not viewable until a PD is opened for editing.
    This means that the new fields may not appear when simply viewing an existing PD. A new edit and approval process will need to be launched for the new fields to be applied.
  • No immediate action is required for position descriptions that are not part of a recruitment.
    There is no need to update all position descriptions. The new fields can be completed when a new recruitment is launched.

Support and Training

  • Refer to position description guidance for step-by-step instructions for completing a position description in MyTrack.
    Updated guidance will be posted Monday, June 10, following the module update.
  • A training video is also available to provide an visual tour of the the updated MyTrack module.
  • Contact Talent Acquisition at if you need assistance.

  • PD Module Changes by Section

    Position Description

    • Moved Reason here
    • Added question about if PD is intended for Recruitment
    • Added proposed and approved hiring range fields (for OEPA)

    General Position Information

    • Removed Banner Title
    • Retitled FTE area
    • Moved “Reports to” to this section

    Position Budget

    • Retitled Budgeted Salary Field
    • Removed FOAPAL elements for labor distribution

    Position Details

    • Moved Org Chart language here


    • Updated drop down for Supervisory Responsibilities (old choices will map to new selections)

    Decision Making and Fiscal Responsibility (New header)

    • Added fields for Scope and Impact of Decisions Made and Autonomy (see table for draft short and long form definitions)
    • Updated field for Fiscal Responsibilities (old choices will map to new selections)
    • Added field for Budget Responsibility Level
    • Added fields to capture budgets managed and number of grants

    Working Conditions

    • Added work functions:
      Regular Interactions with customers
      Specific Work Schedule
      Telephone Use
    • Removed “None” as an option
    • Reordered Working Environment and Hazards area (alpha sorted)
    • Updated text for Work Schedule (if not typical or specified)

    Human Resources

    • Updated text regarding reporting designation and campus security authority