2017 Highlights

Notes and Resources from previous meetings are provided below:

December 6, 2017 Agenda:
  • Year of Connection
  • Employee & Labor Relations Updates
  • 2018 Salary Increase Reminders
  • Talent Acquisition Updates
  • 2018 HR Partner Topics
  • Presentation: TEDTalk
    Margaret Hefferman– Why It’s Time to Forget the Pecking Order at Work

Meeting Highlights

PowerPoint Presentation

Featured TEDTalk: Why It’s Time to Forget the Pecking Order at Work
Presenter: Margaret Hefferman

November 1,  2017 Agenda:
  • HR Staffing
  • Administrative Leaves/Probationary Periods
  • Talent Acquisition Update
  • HR Partner Announcements
  • Presentation: Employee Assistance Program Resources
    Presenter: Julie Marshall, Ph.D., CEAP, Canopy, formerly called Cascade Centers,

Meeting Highlights

PowerPoint Presentation

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Presentation

EAP Services

October 4, 2017


  • HR Partner Announcements
  • HR Staffing
  • Salary Increase and Process
  • Benefits Open Enrollment
  • Compensation Update
  • Recruitment Metrics and Service-Level Timelines
  • Featured Presentation: MyTrack Professional Development Module
  • Presenter: Haley Ruddell, HR System Analyst

Meeting Highlights

PowerPoint Presentation

Learning Management System Presentation

Hire Deadlines for Winter Term

July 2017 HR Partners Table Topic Highlights

September 6, 2017


  • New Staff Introductions
  • Salary Increase and Operations Updates
  • Open Enrollment
  • MyTrack Professional Development Module
  • Recruitment
  • Featured Presentation: Purchasing and Contracting Services
    Speaker: Craig Ashford, Director, Purchasing and Contracting Svcs.



Meeting Highlights

PowerPoint Presentation

Purchasing and Contracting Presentation

Open Enrollment Information

August 2, 2017


  • New HR Advisory Team
  • Legislative Update
  • Banner 9 Upgrade
  • New Hire Set-Up Resources
  • I-9 Form Update
  • Featured Presentation: Employee Leaves
    Presenter: Kenny Ly, Medical Leaves Coordinator



Meeting Highligths

PowerPoint Presentation

Employee Leaves Presentation

Banner 9 Upgrade Project

OA and Classified New Hire Setup Process

June 7, 2017


  • Employee & Labor Relations Update
  • Summer Seminar Series & Work-Life Resources Update     
  • PERS Update
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Featured Presentation: Safety & Workers Comp - What HR Partners Need to Know
    Presenters: Haily Griffith, Occupational Health & Safety, Michelle Gillette, Ergonomics and Trish Lijana, Workers’ Compensation


Meeting Highlights

HR Training in June

HR Partner Meeting PowerPoint

Safety and Risk Presentation

SAIR-Safety Incident or Accident Report

801 Form -Workers Compensation

Medical Transport Options

May 3, 2017


  • SEIU Bargaining
  • PERS Update
  • Career Transition Resources
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Payroll Update
  • Onboarding Portal and Survey Update



May Meeting Highlights

HR Training in May

Confidentiality Presentation

Employee Assistance Program Flyer

Career Transition Flyer

General Counsel -Request a Training

April 4, 2017 Agenda:
  • New Postdoctoral Research Salary –Effective July 1, 2017
  • New Unpaid Appointment Process
  • Faculty Renewals & Summer Appointments
  • Onboarding Updates
  • Talent Acquisition Updates
  • Featured Presentation: International Employees at the University of Oregon
    Presenters: Jennifer Doreen, International Employment Specialist and Kate Comiskey, International Scholar Advisor

April Meeting Highlights

April Meeting Presentation

International Employee Presentation

April Training Opportunities
March 1, 2017 Agenda:
  • HR Year of Connection & OA Policies
  • Information Sessions & Training -Talent Acquisition Team
  • PERS Legislature
  • International Employee Update
  • Featured Presentation: Public Records Office and What HR Partners Need to Know
    Presenter: Lisa Thornton, Public Records Officer


March Meeting Highlights

March Meeting Presentation

MyTrack Position Description Table

Employee& Labor Relations Relations Training Opportunities

Office of Public Records - What HR Partners Need to Know

February 1, 2017 Agenda:
  • OA Policy and HR Updates
  • HR Operations Update
  • Electronically Stored-Information for Departing Employees
  • International Employee Update
  • MyTrack Updates
  • Featured Presentation: UO Internal Auditing– What HR Partners Need to Know
    Presenter: Trisha Burnett, Chief Auditor

February Meeting Highlights

February Meeting Presentation

Office of Internal Audit -What HR Partners Need to Know

January 25, 2017 Agenda:
  • MyTrack Updates
  • Featured Presentation:
    Disability in the Workplace: The Obligation to Accommodate as an Opportunity to Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Presenter: Martin Stanberry, AAEO Specialist

January Meeting Highlights

December 7, 2016 HR Holiday Meeting and Call for Topics/Best Practices December -Call for HR Topics and Best Practices