2018: Year of Collaboration

image of a wood bridge through a forest.



In 2017, HR made an explicit commitment to fostering connections between central HR and campus constituents. In the 2018, we will build on the foundation established in our 2017 Year of Connection. We will strengthen HR functions and practices with our HR Partners as well as continue to support university leadership and institutional priorities.

2018 is our Year of Collaboration.

Our Year of Collaboration continues to focus on the following strategic initiatives: 

  1. Build on systems and processes implemented by central HR to maximize efficiencies and deliver thoughtful strategic outcomes.

  2. Develop and provide support and training for employment processes and practices.

  3. Engage HR Partners to strengthen and support HR functions within UO’s distributed HR model.

  4. Reinforce and augment HR’s partnership with UO leadership in the implementation of strategic initiatives.