2017: Year of Connection

picture of Newport bridge

The Year of Connection reflects HR’s strong and explicit commitment to fostering connections between central HR and campus constituents.

In 2016, we delivered HR service in more strategic and efficient ways, while continuing to manage daily operations and respond to campus needs. We focused on transforming systems and processes to strengthen and build human resources at the university.  2016 was truly transformative. Take a look at the reports to see all that was accomplished during our Year of Transformation.

In 2017, HR are focusing on advancing the important work accomplished during the Year of Transformation by reinforcing and building connections across the university.  This is our Year of Connection.

Our Year of Connection focuses on four strategic initiatives:

  1. Build on systems and processes implemented by central HR to maximize efficiencies and deliver thoughtful strategic outcomes.

  2. Provide support and training for employment processes and practices.

  3. Engage HR Partners to strengthen and support HR functions within UO’s distributed HR model.

  4. Reinforce and augment HR’s partnership with UO leadership in the implementation of strategic initiatives.