2016: Year of Transformation

The Year of Transformation describes HR’s commitment to specific, measurable, and impactful process improvements to help support our campus constituents.

In 2015, we focused on strengthening the Office of Human Resources by better organizing HR activity and talent to manage our work.  We also filled key leadership roles, which enabled us to build a collective unified team. Visit 2015 Year in Review for a summary of key achievements.

In 2016, we will deliver HR service in more strategic and efficient ways, while continuing to manage daily operations and respond to campus needs. We are focused on external HR activity across the university as we seek to build and strengthen systems and processes. This is our year of transformation.



Our Year of Transformation focuses on three specific initiatives we will execute and deliver in 2016.


Strategic Initiative 1

Integrate HR into the campus community as
a strategic partner.

Collaborate with our network of campus human resources professionals to strengthen understanding of HR process and policies.

Specific projects to meet this strategic goal include:

  • HR website and enhanced resources
    • Launch new HR website platform
    • Improve navigation and access to information
  • HR partnerships and strategic consultation
    • Provide training and information regarding key HR topics and projects
    • Assist with onboarding and training of new HR Partners

Final Report

Strategic Initiative 2

Build HR processes, systems and infrastructure to provide streamlined, state of the art services to campus partners.

Improve critical HR structure and processes to enhance the delivery of human resources management both centrally and across the university.

Specific projects to meet this strategic goal include:

  • OA classification and compensation project
    • Finalize job framework and compensation structure, train key stakeholders, and implement for ongoing decisions
  • Contract renewal process improvement
    • Timely delivery of contract renewals; improve communication of process and deadlines
    • Integrate contract renewal with talent management system
  • Recruitment process improvement
    • Improved strategies for recruitment activities, including compensation evaluation, waiver, and international employment
  • Talent management system implementation
    • Implement new UO talent management system using PageUp People as the selected vendor for technology

Final Report

Strategic Initiative 3

Develop HR expertise to enable HR to advance university goals and the institution’s HR capacity.

Align HR policies and procedures with university goals to advance the strategic vision of the institution.  Build HR expertise to support consistency, gain efficiency, and develop capacity.

Specific projects to meet this strategic goal include:

Final Report