Request for Authorization for Campus Visit

An approved request form authorizes a department to invite a faculty candidate to visit the campus and to reimburse the candidate for appropriate expenses.

Request for Authorization for Campus Visit Form

  • When the search committee has identified a candidate the department wishes to interview, a Request for Authorization for Campus Visit form is sent to the appropriate dean or administrative head and then to the Office of Academic Affairs, at least two weeks in advance of the visit, if possible. The information on this form under "position to be filled" should match the position which was authorized in the NAPO.
  • The Office of Academic Affairs will check the form for consistency with the NAPO. The potential for tenurability and service to graduate programs and students will be determined in a review by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. When approved, the form will be returned to the department.
  • For a fixed-term or tenured-related position, a copy of the candidate's curriculum vitae must be attached. Include one copy of letters of reference, if available. These materials will be retained by the Office of Academic Affairs. Personal interviews by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs are not required.
  • For a position involving indefinite tenure, folders of material for review must be included for review by the Provost and the Faculty Personnel Committee. Evidence of teaching and scholarship comparable to tenure standards within the university must be presented. Ample time must be allowed for full tenure review by the Faculty Personnel Committee and the Provost and staff. The process will not be compromised by claims that recruitment demands immediate action. Searches for senior faculty and recruitment discussions with the finalist must include information about the process.
  • If the candidate will travel by air on a prepaid ticket, a copy of the approved Request for Authorization for Campus Visit should be kept with the Airfare Authorization Form.
  • Further instructions appear at the bottom of the request form.

Travel Reimbursement

Travel reimbursement for prospective employees must be done according to the policies and procedures described on the Business Affairs travel reimbursement website. Vice President level approval (such as an approved Request for Authorization for Campus Visit) is required to be on file if you reimburse a faculty candidate for search related travel expenses from institution funds.