International Recruitment

Immigration Processing Slow Down for Summer and Fall 2017 Start Dates

The US Immigration Service has suspended expedited processing for H-1B applications for up to six months, beginning April 3, 2017.  The University uses H-1B status for its highly-skilled international employees and typically requests expedited processing for spring and summer hires to ensure the desired start date.  The freeze on expedited processing could significantly delay the start date of international hires, including those with start dates in the summer and fall of 2017.

Due to the slowdown of immigration processing, the UO may not be able to secure the ideal start date for international employees.  In the hopes of proactively lessening the impact of the delayed processing, we are providing timelines and information for potentially-affected recruitments: 

  • Explore Immigration Options: Once you have made an offer and the candidate indicates that s/he will require immigration sponsorship, contact Kate Comiskey in International Affairs at to explore alternative immigration options.

    Please note it is inappropriate to inquire about candidates’ immigration status during the selection process or to consider candidate disclosures of immigration status when making selection decisions.  If you would like to proactively investigate your candidates’ immigration sponsorship needs, please contact Jennifer Doreen, International Employment Specialist at  Human Resources may be able to reach out to the applicants to determine if any finalists may be impacted by the immigration slow-down.
  • Contingent Offer:  Departments should use the contingency language provided in Academic Affairs’ offer templates when issuing unofficial offers.  The most appropriate dates to include in the contingency language should be determined on a case-by-case basis.  For assistance, contact Jennifer Doreen, International Employment Specialist at
  • Contingency and Business Continuity Plans:  Departments with positions with summer or fall start dates are encouraged to develop contingency and business continuity plans in case the employee is unable to start on the preferred start date.  Contingency plans may include hiring a pro-tem employee from a pooled position to temporarily fill the void left by the delayed employee; or outsourcing deliverables to a short-term independent contractor.

International Employment Specialist Jennifer Doreen in Human Resources is reaching out to departments with open recruitments that could be impacted by the freeze; but if you have any questions or concerns about summer or fall start dates for new hires, please feel free to contact Jennifer and Kate as indicated above.