Recruitment and Hiring Process Redesign

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Project Presentation: February 12, 2016
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Project Objectives

Redesign recruiting and hiring processes for new faculty and staff to:

  • Streamline processes, shorten timelines
  • Gain operational efficiencies
  • Meet the needs of diverse units across the University while establishing core processes that work across employee types
  • Minimize shadow systems/processes
  • Leverage technology
  • Categorize current approval workflows into approvals (affect outcome) vs. information touchpoints

Redesign Method

  • Team of HR staff and campus subject matter experts, guided by consultant AonHewitt
  • Discovery of current state, including challenges and opportunities
  • Process Design Sessions
  • Validated process within HR, executive sponsorship

Project Outcomes

  • Shortened recruiting time from starting a search to making a candidate an offer
  • Streamlined data gathering and approvals ensure a timely process with all necessary information
  • Improved clarity for HR partners, hiring authorities through use of standard core processes
  • Clarified role of Talent Acquisition in recruiting and hiring
  • Improved engagement to strategically attract a diverse candidate pool
  • Clarified screening and selection process
  • Improved branding in the talent market by enhancing communication with the candidate pool at various stages of the process