Background Check Guidelines

The University of Oregon conducts job-related background checks prior to employment. Criminal and other background checks do not take the place of reference checks and verification of employment history, which should also be conducted before a final hiring decision.

UO has contracted with a third-party provider, CICS Employment Services, to conduct the background checks. In rare instances, a criminal background check may be completed by an outside organization, such as a search firm, on the University’s behalf. Staff in Human Resources administer the policy and coordinate with the background check provider to conduct the applicable background check(s). Departments are not charged for the cost of background checks.

Once a department has made a contingent offer of employment and set the applicant’s status to “Contingent Offer Accepted” in MyTrack, Human Resources staff will provide the necessary authorization and disclosure forms to the applicant and coordinate the background check submission to the vendor. Human Resources will change the applicant’s status to “Successful Background Check” in MyTrack once the background check has successfully cleared. 

The UO Policy: Criminal, Credit and Related Background Checks on Applicants for University Positions policy further describes the applicability of background check practices, types of checks, and handling of information obtained during the background check.

Background Check Permission Form