OA Performance Management Overview


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Performance appraisals are one of the most effective tools to communicate expectations, provide feedback, plan work, acknowledge contributions, and help employees gain the skills to be successful. They are especially important for Officers of Administration who often provide leadership to students, staff and colleagues in meeting the university's mission and goals.

Four different performance management planning and review formats are provided as part of the university’s officer of administration (OA) performance management policy.  The variety of formats is provided so that supervisors and OAs can select a format that best suits department needs and specific OA responsibilities.   Departmental managers may also revise one of the four review formats or develop their own.  In that case, consultation with Human Resources staff is encouraged to support consistent and equitable OA reviews.

The review formats include common elements, including support of university initiatives, such as diversity, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and expectations regarding ethics and stewardship of institutional resources.  In addition, each format includes discussion of professional development needs and goals, an important component of.  The university’s “Professional Development and Training Policy,” which articulates the institution’s commitment to employees’ professional development, can be found at the following link:  http://policies.uoregon.edu/policy/by/1/03000-human-resources/faculty-and-classified-staff-participation-educational-and-develop.

Annual appraisals for OAs are required by the university president and vice presidents. This is especially important in the first few years in a new position to ensure clarity on expectations and performance.

Performance Management Policy:

Officer of Administration Performance Management Policy


OA Performance Review Submission



Supporting Documents:


Performance management cycle

Conducting a performance review conversation

Professional development- Questions to ask during a career conversation

Writing a self-assessment

Review formats:

Structured approach:  This format guides the supervisor through a series of statements regarding performance so that s/he can rate the OA in eight general performance areas. This format also has an optional section for assessing performance on specific department or OA goals and objectives.  This approach can be effective for positions that are activity-focused, rather than project-based.

Narrative approach:  This format permits the supervisor to describe performance in a written, narrative form.  The form guides the supervisor and OA through sections on goals and results, job knowledge and skills, leadership and interpersonal characteristics, to create a thorough and comprehensive narrative review.

Goals and results approach:  This format, which is a new offering, links individual goals to department goals and includes specific performance metrics.  This approach can be effective in project-based positions and is also provided to meet the needs of supervisors and OAs seeking to quantify performance results.

Other forms:

OA self-assessment form An OA’s review of his or her own performance is an important part of the performance management planning and review process, allowing an opportunity for valuable insight and a richer discussion.  OAs are strongly encouraged to complete the self-assessment form and supervisors are asked to consider the self-assessment in completing the review forms.

Third-party input:  This form solicits input about an OA’s performance from colleagues, customers, and/or subordinates to provide a comprehensive review.  Please note that third-party input cannot be added to the permanent file unless the name of the person providing the input is furnished or the OA waives his/her right to review the file. 

For more information on OA performance reviews, please contact Human Resources: (541) 346-3159.