Post Retirement Appointments

Tenure Reduction Appointments

Appointments with position number BUOTRP are set up by submitting a PRF to Human Resources. The Tenure Reduction Program Letter of Agreement serves as the employment contract.

Other Post Retirement Appointment Types

All other UO retiree appointments use position numbers RTXXXX (Teaching/Research) or ROXXXX (Officer of Administration). Go to the Position Number guide to find your department pooled retired position number.

A Request to Offer (RTO) is the appropriate paperwork. For employees with a 9-month appointment, summer appointments (June 16-September 15) can be set up using just a PRF.

On the RTO, for position number RTXXXX (Teaching/Research), use contract type D and faculty type RTR. For position number ROXXXX (Officer of Administration), use contract type F and faculty type ROA. The initial post-retirement appointment is considered a "New Appointment".

Post-retirement appointments can be made at any appropriate salary rate. The rate is not necessarily tied to past pay.

The monthly basis (9 or 12) does not normally change upon retirement if in the same job. An employee who is on a 9-month basis before retirement will usually stay on a 9-month basis post-retirement.

Officer of Administration retirement positions never carry academic rank. OA retirees who held academic rank prior to retirement will be appointed with no rank in retirement.

Post-retirement appointments for UO retirees do not require Affirmative Action review if the work assignment is similar to the employee’s pre-retirement work.

Temporary unclassified appointments for UO retirees ($3,000 or less for six weeks or less) should use position number BUOWTA and require only a PRF. These are the only UO-retiree appointments that do not use position numbers RTXXXX or ROXXXX.

Unclassified post-retirement employees do not accrue sick leave or vacation hours.


Retirees are not normally allowed stipends. This is due to the need to track hours to comply with retirement plan regulations. All employment should be reflected in FTE.

Non University of Oregon Retirees

Appointments for employees who have retired from other institutions or jurisdictions, whether PERS or not, are handled the same as non-retiree appointments. The payroll office should be notified if the employee is drawing PERS so that OPE can be handled correctly.