Position Numbers

Request a New Position Number

Officers of Administration, TTF faculty, NTTF faculty (all), and faculty, Classified, or OA retirees are assigned unique position numbers. 

When you hire from a search, the unique position number should be on the approved search documents if a replacement.  If you have a new position and need to request a unique position number from Human Resources, please send an email to hrops@uoregon.edu  with the following information:

  1. Job Title
  2. Rank
  3. 9 or 12 Month Position
  4. FTE/Appointment Percent
  5. Starting Salary
  6. Timesheet Organization Number
  7. Index(es) for labor distribution
  8. Supervisor Position Number
  9. Job Location (Eugene, Portland, etc)
  10. Posting/Search #, if applicable

NOTE:  If a career position is not being renewed at the end of their contract, you will need to notify them per the collective bargaining agreement with United Academics and submit a PRF to end the job.

Pooled Position Numbers

All new faculty are assigned a unique position numbers and pooled positions by department are no longer to be used.  Assigning unique position numbers will allow the departments to budget more effectively and allow for unique position descriptions in MyTrack.  In July all faculty in pooled position numbers (with the exception of summer assignments)  will be assigned a uniqued position number by HR.  For spring renewals, please continue to use your pooled position number for your department that is already assigned to the faculty member.  Any questions, please contact Grant Keeney or Catherine Bonomini.