Faculty Awards


Faculty Award Recipient Application


The University of Oregon’s Policy Statement 02.01.09, titled “Fellowships: Payment of Uncompensated Salary and Other Personnel Expenses (OPE) on Major Fellowships,” became effective June 30, 1993. This policy allows for augmentation of 9-month faculty salary and benefits during the academic year for recipients of major fellowships from extramural funding sources. Many prestigious faculty fellowships provide, in whole or in part, for the fellow’s direct salary only but not for OPE (also referred to as fringe benefits). To mitigate a potential financial hardship and provide uninterrupted health insurance coverage for the faculty member who accepts the fellowship to pursue full-time research, the UO will provide uncompensated salary and OPE under the following terms:

  1. During a sabbatical year, the fellowship is expected to cover the portion of a faculty member’s salary not provided by the UO. The UO will provide of 100% OPE for the faculty member’s designated annual salary. The faculty member is eligible for this support every sabbatical year.
  2. During a non-sabbatical year the UO will provide up to 30% of the faculty member’s designated annual salary for the period of the fellowship during the academic year (summer is not included), to cover the difference between the salary support awarded by the fellowship and the regular salary, as well as between sabbatical years. With approval of the dean and department head, this support may be received immediately before or after a sabbatical leave.
  3. The University will provide uncompensated salary and OPE according to the terms above when the following conditions are met:
    1. Eligible faculty must hold a tenure-related appointment of at least 0.50 FTE.
    2. The fellowship award period must be for at least a full academic term.
    3. The fellowship leave must be approved the dean and department head.
    4. The faculty member’s total compensation during the award period cannot exceed the usual UO salary amount for that period, and the fellowship must be paid through the regular UO payroll system.
    5. The fellowship is one that is intended to support the faculty member's activities appropriately related to research, scholarship, or augmentation of teaching expertise and it is considered by the Provost to be in the best interest of the UO. Examples of fellowships that may be eligible under this policy are:
      1.  Fulbright Scholar Award,
      2. National Endowment for the Humanities or Arts Fellowships.
      3. Kellogg Foundation Fellowship,
      4. John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship,
  4. Each faculty member, in applying for a fellowship leave, must agree to return to the UO for a period of at least one year's service on completion of the leave. If the faculty member fails to fulfill this obligation, the faculty member shall repay the full cost of salary and OPE paid by the UO during the leave per Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 580-021-0028. This amount is due and payable three months following the date designated in the fellowship leave agreement for the faculty member to return to the UO.


The faculty member who is offered an eligible fellowship award and requests institutional compensation must sign the Faculty Award Recipient form and attach a copy of the award notice.  Indicate the next eligible sabbatical year and any other years this policy was invoked by the faculty member for support. Route the form for signatures of the department head and dean and forward the completed form and attachments to Human Resources (HR).  HR will review and obtain final signature from the senior vice provost.  Once the request is approved, HR will forward the completed form and award notice to the office of Sponsored Projects Services (SPS formerly ORSA) for processing.

If a check was received with the award notice, forward the check to SPS, 677 East 12th Ave, Suite 500, or mail to 5219 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403 for holding until this form is finalized. Checks should be made payable to the University of Oregon. For checks made payable to the individual fellow, the check must be signed over to the university; or the individual may issue a personal check in the same amount, for deposit to a restricted fund account. Once this form is received in SPS, a restricted fund account will be established for the award. Administrative support staff in the faculty member's department must process the necessary payroll forms to pay out the award as salary from the restricted fund account during the award period.