HR Staff Directory

Chief of Human Resources Office

  Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Nancy Resnick Nancy Resnick Chief Human Resources Officer and
Associate Vice President
(541) 346-2987
Sue Russell Sue Russell Executive Assistant (541) 346-0686

Employee & Labor Relations

Employment/Labor Relations Personnel Matters, Performance Management, Grievances, Misconduct, Interpretation of policy/CBA, Collective Bargaining, Layoffs/Non-Renewals

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Bill Brady Assistant Vice President (541) 346-2305
Annie Bentz Sr. Employee Relations Coordinator (541) 346-2972
Peter Fehrs Labor Relations Coordinator (541) 346-2998
Angela Solesbee Labor Relations Coordinator (541) 346-2966

HR Operations

Data Management and Reporting, Policy, Service Center and Web Services

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Sonia Potter Director, HR Operations (541) 346-2002
Catherine Bonomini HRIS Data Analyst (541) 346-2032
Grant Keeney HRIS Data Analyst (541) 346-2959
Dee Rawson Sr. Human Resources Specialist (541) 346-2006
Haley Ruddell HR System Analyst (541) 346-2761
Randi Schmechel HRIS Data Analyst (541) 346-2981

HR Programs and Services

Benefits, Employee Leaves, Work-Life Resources, HR Communications & Events, Classification and Compensation, and Professional Development Services

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Kaia Rogers Director, HR Programs & Services (541) 346-2961
Sandee Bybee HR Employee Engagement and Communications Manager (541) 346-3000
Kathryn Daniel Benefits Coordinator (541) 346-2964
Judy Gates Manager, HR Service Center (541) 346-2952
Melissa Gold Human Resources Assistant (541) 346-3159
Heather Larson Human Resources Specialist (541) 346-2671
Kenny Ly Medical Leaves Coordinator (541) 346-2950
Jen Mirabile Sr. HR Programs Coordinator (541) 346-2195
Lynn Petersen Benefits Specialist (541) 346-3086
Cindi Peterson Benefits Manager (541) 346-2956
Irini Papantoniou Human Resources Specialist (541) 346-3177
Amy Ripley Director, Vivian Olum Child Development Center (541) 346-6585

Talent Acquisition

Hiring and selection, classification and compensation, professional development

Contacts Title Phone Number Email Address
Nancy Nieraeth Director, Talent Acquisition & Development (541)346-8007
Jennifer Doreen International Employment Specialist (541) 346-2638
Pam Farmer Director, Prof Dev Programs (541) 346-3208
Priscilla Havlis HR Generalist (541) 346-2967
Ashley Malan Prof Dev Program Specialist (541) 346-2955
Ryan McBride Senior HR Generalist (541) 346-2531
Jenna Rakes Senior Recruiter (541) 346-2963
Diana Sobczynski Senior Compensation Analyst (541) 346-6296
Roberta Thompson Recruiting Specialist (541) 346-2977